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Esper 02-22-2012 07:43 PM

Eden Eternal Maintenance Notes (02/22/2012)
  • New mail option “Friends Mail” has been added to Settings, at the bottom of the “Chr” tab. This will allow you to only receive mail from friends.
  • Comet Reindeer Antlers can be added to Archive.
  • Players cannot send mail without a gift or ~1 silver, may get "Receiver does not exist" message.
  • Sturmfrau dungeon can be entered by a single player.
  • Robin’s Control RM Key has corrected text.

  • There is currently a nonworking portal in Shiver Peak labeled "s001". This is a portal leading to areas coming in the future, and is not intended to be accessible at this time.
  • Exiting Monster Battle Arena at the end of the battle occasionally but rarely causes client crash. This will not give you a Defector debuff, which prevents players from re-entering.
  • Hiding character equipment from the Character Info window does not apply in Character Selection Screen.
  • Zumi Samurai missing description issue.
All issues have been addressed to our developers and are currently being investigated. Thank you for your patience.

Esper 02-22-2012 07:46 PM

Congratulations Aeria. You made two of the "smartest" fixes ever! /sarcasm
We can already enter the dungeons in 1P since you fixed that last patch...

Yay, you fixed one description. How about the other 1000 that give wrong info/horrible translation.
EX: My new healing cape description says Healing +22x by attacking (works with casting). Buff description in the Buff bar shows Phealing +636. OMG! Not.

Makes me laugh. Still stupid mistakes.

Edit: What ever happened to the "don't use Human BD or you'll dc/get kicked" issue. That was like some false alert for the whole game. Trololol.

Mikaze 02-23-2012 10:58 AM

I thought the human BD issue was the cause of the hell load of extensions during the patch two weeks ago? It was fixed before the hotfix patch last week as far as I'm aware.

But yeah.. 1P dungeons were fixed last week.. Aeria derps please.

Honestly though the devs/gms need a kick up the ass.. I still say any bugs that put a critical stop to the client should be addressed and fixed asap, even if said client nuke is avoidable in monster arena by just removing the weapon. That's besides the point.

Esper 02-23-2012 12:12 PM

They never included the BD issue in their Patch Notes so I wasn't entirely sure. Plus I forgot when that issue was addressed to begin with LOLs.


The fact Aeria does not include a temporary fix solution for Monster Arena is retarded. If they told people to take off weapon before you were kicked out, there wouldn't be so many stupid QQers saying their client crashed.

I know that Aeria can't exactly fix the issue themselves but at least have bugs and whatever completed faster than releasing more buggy crap.

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