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Joey 09-26-2011 04:39 PM

Upcoming Content Patch (October)

Aeria Games has just announced a huge patch for Eden Eternal, that is expected to release in early October. The patch includes a bunch of features, including the Templar class, a level cap increase, and player housing.

The housing feature will allow players to rent homes from new NPCs and decorate the homes with items they get from quests or purchase. Players will also be able to hold parties, which allows other players to visit their home and earn stat boosts.

The level cap will be increased from 55 to 60, and Eden Eternal players will be able to play as the new Templar class. Templars are the defensive tier's third class, and possess holy magic.

Also included in the patch are new maps, a pirate invasion event, Alpacas coins, and a new partial enchantment system. For more information, check out Eden Eternal at the official website: Eden Eternal - A free MMORPG from Aeria Games
Upcoming Content Patch for Eden Eternal - ggFTW MMORPG Community

WhatThePhuc 09-26-2011 09:34 PM

ahhhh templar
can't wait

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