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Esper 08-30-2011 05:24 PM

Eden Eternal Patch Notes (8/30/11)
New Additions
  • Two new Heroic Trials have been added!
    Trials Officer Oldor in Aven is now offering access to two new Lv55 Heroic Trials!
    Shale Cavern has been revamped as a Lv55, 5-player dungeon and Veninfang has been modified as a Lv55, 8-Player raid. [GS]Bob's Guide will provide further instructions!
  • Guild Fame Quest are now able to be purchased from Soul Guardians!
    This is for the specific Soul Guardians that are located in front of each dungeon. These quests are level specific, repeatable, and don't require a guild.

Bug Fixes
  • The Arena Warrior Chests have been fixed!
  • The functionality issues with the items purchased in the PvP Arena are fixed.
  • The music settings issue is fixed.
  • Various other localization issues have been addressed.

Current Known Issues
  • The PvP Arena rankings are currently unavailable.
  • The search function in the Auction House is currently not functioning properly.
    We are looking into these issues and hope to have them resolved soon.

  • The Crystal Altar has been updated!
    Please visit the shop in game for more details.

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