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imported_Citrine 06-02-2010 05:30 PM

Disconnecting Other Players
Does anyone get this during dungeons? At first when i played this in OB, i thought it was my crappy computer that couldnt handle the particles and such in the game, therefor lagging my game, and in result, disconnecting people. But this time i got a newly built computer with the latest of everything and I still find myself disconnecting players during dungeons. I even tested my connection and its fine, and the other members in my party show a full green bar as well. But i continue to disconnect players during a dungeon and it just totally discouraged me to even try playing this game anymore.

So im asking people here if they have any clue to what could be the problem. Zero and Ulti just think that Nexon has bad coding with their servers, and for some reason it contradicts my internet and location. I tried sending a help desk ticket, but even they were baffled at this problem and couldn't help me out >.>;;

Naps 06-02-2010 06:23 PM

Well since dungeons are peer2peer, bad connection with other users will result in disconnects/lag

or maybe ur friends' isp hates p2p and they get dced or something

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