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09-22-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default I give up. Show me your magic, GGFTWers.

I'm utterly sick and tired of this loading bug I have, and I want it fixed. It's at the point now that when I lag, other people lag as well, or at least, the dungeon lags and they can't do anything.

Details on the loading bug...well. Any new sprite animation in the game makes me lag. I came to the conclusion that my computer is loading it or something. Which makes no sense in the first place, how the hell can't I load sprites? On top of that, it looks like it's loading it frame by frame or something. What? More on this below.

After seeing an animation a few times, the lag on it stops. Runs completely smooth. If I try using my normal melee string attack, there's a large lag spike, and I see an animation frame of the melee string. Lag stops, I try again, and I see it lag spike and stop again at another animation frame, only 1 or 2 frames ahead. Continue till the whole animation is loaded.

Still makes no sense. Here's some more. If I lag spike due to "loading" an animation, the actual effect, say, an attack, never occurs. It just skips over it. I can see on my client my character mid-frame hitting something but frozen in that lag spike. Then he goes back to the neutral sprite animation, and the monster is never hit. Goes for monsters too, when they're about to hit me for sure, and I lag spike, I end up in the same place or a bit off after the lag spike and completely disregard the attack.

Needs less sense. Also, either DFO's coding suck, or this is related to this retarded bug. Every time I finish a dungeon, go in a PvP room, go into town/out of town, whatever, I have to reload the animations ALL OVER AGAIN. Shouldn't this stuff be stored in my RAM? Or at least, fragments of it stored in, so it can be loaded and fetched faster. Except this never happens.

I honestly have absolutely no idea what causes it anymore. It doesn't make any sense at all.

It's not a lack of hardware. I run XP. I have a Pentium D 2.8GHz. I have 1GB of RAM. I have a Nvidia 8800GT. Another guy had the same problem as me, he runs Doom 3 at max settings, 60 FPS, but has this loading lag problem like me in DFO. I can run Oblivion max at 40+ FPS, Fallout 3 medium at 30ish FPS. Don't give me that hardware fail crap.

As for hardware incompatibility, I really, really doubt it. Assuming the code from DFO and DNF are even remotely similar, and they should be, none of my stuff should be incompatible somehow. DNF released in Korea 2005. I got my computer around that time, furthermore, none of my computer parts (Namely the CPU, Pentium D, but it also debuted in 2005, and it's not like the first model either.) are "outdated". It shouldn't be because the parts are too new either, otherwise, what about everyone with better computers than me, pumping out i7's, Quad Cores, 2XX GTX line of Nvidia cards, whatever.

I'm at the end of my rope. I want this shitty bug fixed. Give me your solutions.

Refrain from the classic "get a new computer" solution, for reasons I shouldn't need to state. Oh sure, it's basically a guaranteed fix (Really, this "solution" fixes practically anything.), but if everyone did this every time they had a problem on the computer, we'd be piss poor by now, and the computer industry would be the largest in the world. Point is, give me a REAL solution.

Did think about putting this into the tech help section, but it's directly related to DFO, and the problem specifically only happens on DFO, so....=/.
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01-15-2010   #2 (permalink)
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I fixed my bug or at the very least toned it down a considerable amount. All I did was update my graphics drivers though. (Who would of thought that would make a difference? It never has in all the years I have had a computer, this is a first.)

I'm not sure if it remedies the constant FPS drops I have in PvP to which I have always debunked on as me just desyncing with them. I would have checked prior to posting this but PvP is dead at this time of day. No 4v4 games to really test.

I doubt updating your drivers will really aid you in any particular way though. I've been under the impression that my drivers or my graphics cards were faulty from the get-go. I am kind of hoping this completely fresh driver update (I used driver sweeper this time which I usually don't do since I never needed to before) will fix my BSODs as well. I am also hoping it fixes the graphic problems I experience in most games as well. (Which usually later results in a BSOD)
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