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Keir 10-09-2010 08:49 AM

does anyone play D&F? (korean version)
im in the test server, whoever wants to party up with me or other occasions please send me notification. i also have characters on Andun(i dont remember) server.

Anima 10-10-2010 08:22 PM

I do, but I play Ozma.

Faith 10-11-2010 05:30 AM

Use to play on Sirocco, shifting over to DFO now.

Keir 10-14-2010 06:27 AM

which server has most americans?

CrunchyRoll 10-17-2010 05:38 AM

how do u play the test server? is there a specific link? ;o

Dani 10-17-2010 11:51 AM

I play on the test server from time to time, but I tend to stick to DFO since ggftw plays on dfo rather then dnf. `-`

Test server is a nice way to kill time though

Katau 03-17-2012 05:21 PM

How do u download it

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