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Nukki 11-19-2009 09:35 PM

Mage Soloing
I was just wondering which mage class would be good to have as a alt to just farm Kings Road Full Clear on maps? I know that most of the people are going to say Summoner, but can an Experimentalist solo a Kings map with out much difficulty? I don't want to be spamming MP pots the entire time because that would defeat one of the purposes of having an Alt Farming toon. Is there another Class that would be better like a Mechanic or something? Any advice is appreciated.

Nihil679 11-19-2009 09:48 PM

The best soloist in the Mage class is, indeed, the Summoner. I personally believe a skilled Elementalist and a decent Battle Mage will do fine in dungeon solos on King's, however, it may be difficult because of MP usage and some other issues (like... if a Battle Mage misses a hit, well... all does not end well).

I personally believe the most versatile class for soloing are a majority of the Fighter class, being able to do just about every dungeon decently.

Shadow5YA 11-19-2009 09:50 PM

lol Experimentalist.

Elementalists are strong, but they're highly mana-costly until you get to Endgame levels, where your high MP and Int growths start to accumate and surpass the mana cost.
Summoner is probably the best choice, but probably not the most time-efficient ones, since a couple of bosses will easily kill summons and cost you your MP. Battle Mages can save MP if they stick with melee and spears, but it requires a certain degree of caution and practice to exploit her sliding melee and mobbing skills. Witches get decent AoEs, but the damage output doesn't scale well at endgame levels, and you'll often find yourself running away waiting for cooldowns.

There's really no be all end all class that's easy, strong, AND durable.

Nukki 11-19-2009 10:00 PM

A lot of places that I look say that a Nen Master is one of the best, should I just stick with the Nen Master I have for soloing? I think after I get Dopple Blast and the Bubble clearing a room should be pretty easy. Your thoughts?

Skiegh 11-19-2009 11:53 PM

I have no experience with mage classes first hand but from what I can tell from partying with them, I'd say they would all fair about the same in soloing. Summoners just don't seem to do very much damage to solo very efficiently speed wise.

I'm going to assume the most strenuous choice which is that you want to full solo King's road on stages at your own level. Depending on what you're looking for in your runs, be it efficiency without the aid of pots or just speed, I would suggest different things.

My grappler I find to be the fastest farming class in the game. The mass amount of AoE and high damage is just riddled throughout the class and at the same time you are very rarely open to attack. However, they also burn MP pretty fast so having a lot of MP regen equipment would be required.

AradSociety - Skill Planner

This build would be a good soloing I feel. Constantly having irresistible grab on and a high level intense takedown will really enhance your damage as well as making your AoE much larger. Some may question the high level suplex but with the level cap as it is, I feel it's the better choice. It's low cooldown and large AoE with intense takedown make it a very useful skill to have. Sliding grab is only necessary if you want to herd enemies using Spiral which I love doing.

Now if you want survivability in your runs and the ability to be the most self-sufficient as you can be, I would suggest Crusader. My crusader has only used 10 potions I think since I made him as I am built to constantly keep my MP and HP high. The only problem with soloing with Crusader is that unless you go battle (Which I feel for staging would actually make you go slower in terms of damage), your damage is entirely based on your weapon. Priests have a great basic attack so if you got a high plused weapon to use, Crusader would be able to plow through stages easily enough.

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