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james 07-30-2012 07:22 PM

Glacial Master or Elemental Bomber
Pros and cons of each anyone? Right now I'm leaning towards Elemental Bomber because lots of elements, but I'm not quite sure??

Halp me my bbs. +rep as usual because I am benevolent

Veloze 07-30-2012 09:27 PM

Elemental Bombers are really something. You have access to some pretty sweet AoEs and are able to deal real damage even without good gear, which makes soloing and party play cakewalks. You're able to switch through four elements and you have access to a shield that works differently with each of them which makes you pretty versatile too. Downsides are the X-spamming and squishiness.

Glacial Masters are different. They don't have range and AoEs like Elemental Bombers since they're much more in-your-face and combo-y, but GMs still pretty damn strong and fun. Thing is they're more of a PvP class and you definitely need funding for Glacial Masters to do passable damage in PvE. They're squishy too, which means you have to be extra careful.

Almora 07-31-2012 12:33 AM

They're both fun. Elemental bomber is more starter friendly. Don't really know which one is stronger since I've only played glacial so far and I honestly don't care for which is > than which as long as I'm having fun.

Just know that you're fingers will be hurting a lot from spamming X's if you go EB lol. The pre-20 levels wasn't fun for me :py22:

Or you can get both like the hooker you are :py44:

J0SH2 07-31-2012 09:48 PM

Along with what was said above regarding Ele. Bomber you basically destroy PvE no problems whatsoever, not much funding needed as you can do good with just Magic Seals for Int or Spirit. beginning is pretty boring and lots of XXXXCFXXXXX, but you have amazing hitstun with electric element and electrocute procs ( use magic cannon and if it procs each hit afterwards will do its damage plus 2000 or higher damage). fire is strongest raw damage, but imo its not as good as dark or electric. Darkness has ultimate pierce, so you can shoot through any mobs. water is weakest raw damage, but has the best shield since it negates any 2 hits at max shield.

Regarding builds, all your skills are good and should be maxed if you like them. the only exceptions being chain lightning, crystal crash, and elemental rain(45). chain lightning and crystal crash are still acquired since they're pre-requisites to later skills.

Awakening is pretty solid, but its optional still.
At Level 55 you get Fire Road EX which basically burns the whole screen with a 5.5 second cooldown. it is amazing..

Don't really know about GMs since i have yet to make one, but from what i've seen they're more PvP oriented and look a lot more fun to play than EB's spam skill to win.

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