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10-17-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Will be re-sealed when a buyer is confirmed on the 26th, since that's when I'll be able to get NX. I'll take pure gold, however if you have some of the items I need, I'll be willing to exchange them and some gold, depending on the value of each item you're willing to trade.

What I need:

Baldrix the Sacred Lightsabre - Valued at 3 mil

Cruel Massacre Zanbato - Valued at 3.5 mil (Wanted MOST)

Alexi Spine Belt/Shoulder/Boots - Valued at 500K/650K/700K respectively

I'll take no less than 9 mil for it. Min Bid increase is 100K, feel free to bid more, and don't forget you can offer the items I listed above and gold.

Offers will be open till the 26th of October. That's 9 days from today. Highest bidder wins. You can reply to this thread here, or you can Mail me, my IGN is ReaperRai.
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