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slick 02-20-2010 10:17 AM

Other than those people from gamefaqs. It gets boring being alone when they aren't on since most of them do their own thing.

Oh yes, IGN is Redjay

Vioded 02-20-2010 04:01 PM

Sure I will add you, and I hope I get good connection with so we can de a party duo.
Interesting gameaqs people play dfo too.
Its hard to say which char I use the most but so far im using watmagic, blackfury, and zackoria.

slick 02-20-2010 06:38 PM

Lol I'm too used to using the nexon forums. I forgot this site had an edit feature. >.<

moonshah 07-16-2010 03:03 AM

I'd be glad to make some new friends! My name is Laypaige! lol!

J0SH2 07-16-2010 08:50 AM

Sure ill add you too.
Chars i've been using are GarcianSmith, Narugakaruga, and AirRaid.

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