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06-16-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default List of changes to come with Second Impact

Hooray for test server.

- New user interface.

As shown above, you can now move the chat window to the side of the main screen now. If you do so, the megaphone spam and system messages can be separated from the regular chat. You can also set it back to the old way in the main window, or you can move it to the left of the main screen.

- Sharp Eye Potions now cost 3 Red Cube Fragments each.
- Bind Cubes now only take two avatars to bind.
- Avatars are now selectable from the cash shop. You also have the option of trying on the avatars to see how they look like on your character model before making your purchase.
- The Item Shop now has a "shopping cart" feature where you can add everything you want to a list then buy it all at once.
- Command inputs for skills can now be customized.
- New characters will receive three basic, 60-day temporary avatars.
- Unlocking higher difficulties for dungeons are now shared between accounts, meaning if you unlock Kings Road for one character, you have unlocked it for all characters on that account.
- Updated tutorial system. The messages are now on a single line above the the hotkeys and stuff at the bottom of the screen, so it looks neater and takes up less space. Also, the game notifies you if you equip an armor type without the corresponding armor mastery. Hopefully that means less beginners wearing the wrong armor (e.g. gunners wearing plate).
- Various Behemoth dungeons have been changed and shortened.
- Party system in town has been revamped. You can now specify and search for the party's region, dungeon, and difficulty instead of having to put it in the title and going to the gate area to find one. The map also has a radar to show where your party members are on the map.
- Practice Mode added. You will earn no exp, drops, or gold and lose no durability while in Practice Mode.
- Up to ten items can now be attached at once to a single mail letter.
- There is now a repurchasing system that allows you to repurchase any of the last 21 items you have sold to an NPC, just in case you accidentally vendored a rare item.
- Profession level cap increased.
- You can drag and reorder your characters on the Choose Character screen.
- Emoticons are added. I should clarify that these are like sweat drops or a raincloud appear over your character in town, not smiley faces you see in chat.
- Recipe costs have been decreased.

More to come later... maybe.

Expect the patch to come in on the 29th, since the Countdown to Rebirth event ends on the 28th.

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