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RoflKnife 04-28-2010 09:16 PM

I just noticed, BattleMages are off the charts.
I looked more in-depth into my Battle Mage, and now I notice they're absolutely ridiculous.

To start with, Warlord Leather Mastery is friggen ridiculous. Adds STR, INT, MP recovery rate, attack speed, physical crit rate. Nuff said.

Leather armor is pretty much light, and probably heavy armor with mana shield. (Really, every BM will have this maxed and always in use...) This thing mitigates damage so well, the only possible drawback is the mana usage, but even then, I don't see mana as a problem.

All physical BM spells cost next to no MP. And my MP pool is huge, and that MP regeneration bonus only makes it all the more harder for me to run out of MP.

(My BM is a spear user, so let's go with that flow.) The BM melee string has absurd range, the longest weapon range and movement range if I'm not mistaken. Either on par or better than the fighter string movement range, and likely longer, or equal weapon range than Battle Axes and Great Swords. On top of that, all 3 have very similar physical damage stats, yet BA's and GS's have very slow attack speed, and spears have slow attack speed. The spear only loses out in Y axis range, although the sheer X axis range seems to pretty much cover that up, and you move slower on the Y axis range anyway.

So far, all my BM skills are amazing. Absolutely amazing. The grab in particular, with incredible X axis range, speed, and cool down. My BM is only 22, and I definitely feel a difference compared to other melee classes. I'll only get better and better as the levels go up...

Where the hell is my nerf.

Nihil679 04-28-2010 09:38 PM

The nerf is that you're a midget and your jumps suck ass.

Shadow5YA 04-28-2010 11:47 PM

Your Leather Mastery adds very little of each stat. Gunner masteries give more attack speed, Rangers get more crit, and the Light Armor users get so much more strength that it makes BMages still look puny. Your intelligence and and MP recovery is also a downgrade from the generic Mage's Cloth Mastery.

Let's not forget that despite Leather has higher defenses than Cloth and BMages have a slightly more efficient Mana Shield, Leather is still mediocre. BMages are more likely to take damage more often too, since their fighting style forces them to be direct and planted to the ground.

BMages are fast; I'll give you that. However, they statistically don't accel in any category because of how spread out their mastery bonuses are.

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