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Sandrie 04-11-2011 07:47 PM

Congratulations to Brackmonster
Congratulations to our new Legion of Merit winner: Brackmonster

The Arad High Council is tremendously humbled in the passion, character, and creativity of the Dungeon Fighter Online community. Even among such outstanding individuals however, there are those community members who by virtue of temperament and quality of character stand above the crowd. It is for these special individuals that the Arad High Council awards the "Legion of Merit," a prize designed to highlight outstanding contributions to Dungeon Fighter Online.

With that, the Arad High Council takes great pleasure in awarding the Legion of Merit to:


As a member of the Pumpking Knights guild, the player "Brackmonster" facilitates giveaway events on the forums. Previously giving out gold, cubes, and other materials, Brackmonster's most recent event was the "Fireberg's Chaos Stone Debris Giveaway," in which he distributed 20 Chaos Stone Debris to the first 20 people who responded to the forum post. The Arad High Council salutes Brackmonster for his longstanding generosity.

As the latest member of the illustrious Legion of Merit, Brackmonster will receive the "Legion of Merit" in-game title and the Legionnaire's Wings, the exclusive Rare Torso Avatar, after the April 13th, 2011 update.

The Arad High Council is on the lookout for more Legion of Merit winners. As we find them, we'll announce them and their prize-winning activities here.

If you know of a Dungeon Fighter who has made an outstanding contribution to the DFO community, why not nominate them for the Legion of Merit?

Send nominations to, including the following information:

* Email Subject: Leion of Merit Nomination
* Your in-game Character Name
* Nominee's Character Name (This can be an in-game name or a forum ID - please specify which)
* Details about their contribution to DFO (Please include links to forum posts, websites, or any other supporting details)

Fight Bravely and Together, Dungeon Fighters!

- Arad High Council -

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