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Sandrie 03-16-2011 01:37 PM

A Guide to the March 23rd Update!
* Enter the Dark Elf Village of Noire Ferra by heading just past Klonter in Aphelia Post.
* Recommended dungeon level: 56 – 59.
* Required Items: 1 Elven Script of Preservation. (obtained from an Epic Quest from Klonter)

1st Room
Upon entering the dungeon, Dungeon Fighters will be met by a barrage of infected Dark Elf Militia. Hone your fighting skills against these warriors as this is only the beginning...

2nd Room
• Beware of the infected Dark Elf Militia Commander! When he appears, make haste and dispose of him first or he will continue to summon his army to attack you!

3rd Room
• It wasn’t enough that these once peaceful inhabitants of Noire Ferra became undead zombies... now aptly called the Screaming Dark Elf Zombies and Wailing Dark Elf Zombies, they became poisoned by the Interdimensional Rift in the dungeon. The power of the rift drove them to madness, forcing them to gravitate towards each other, their bodies becoming one. They call these powerful mutations the Patchwork Dark Elf Zombies.

4th Room
•Are you quick enough to escape the embrace of the Immortal Imposter and his damaging lightning attacks? Defeat he who summons the Immortal Imposter (Shadow Seeker Priest Noubillus), and be victorious!

5th Room
• Avoid the deadly voids that Shadow Seeker Priest Nigrumnex and Candidumnex shoot at each other. The void has a gauge that fills up each time you touch it; be careful – when the gauge fills up completely, you’ll be attacked!

6th Room
As more and more of Delezie’s Necroplasms escape from the dimensional rift, the Deranged Imposters become infinitely stronger and fierce in their attacks. Seal the rift first, but beware... the more it warps the more damage it takes to destroy it!
BOSS Room: Phantasmal Delezie
Delezie’s departure to North Myre caused a dimensional rift in Noire Ferra to appear. From this rift, an viscous evil emerged known only as Delezie’s Necroplasms. Beware of this evil though as it will viciously attack through multiple shape-shifts, gaining power at it wraps itself together.
Thirsting for greater power, strength, domination???
Level 55 Rare and Unique equipment items are being added to the game!
What’s more impressive? UNIQUE Unique items!
Unique equipment items found only in the Ancient Dungeons are being released as well!
* These epic items will drop in applicable level dungeons and in Hell Mode.
* These epic items will drop only in the four Ancient Dungeons: King’s Relic, Vilmark - Area 50, Screaming Cavern and the City of Noire Ferra.
* Acquire these new items after completing quests that take place in the Ancient Dungeons.
- City of Noire Ferra: Visit Grandis
- Screaming Cavern: Visit Linus

A Guide to the March 23rd Update!

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