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Sandrie 03-03-2011 07:42 PM

Congratulations to our new Legion of Merit winner: MasPan
The player “MasPan” ran the “Officially Unofficial NEXON-Sponsored Tournament” (watch videos of the tournament!) MasPan and his staff of dedicated player volunteers conceived, planned and coordinated the event, and worked closely with forum moderator Justin Wong to create a successful and enjoyable event for the DFO Community. The Arad Council salutes MasPan, his volunteer staff, and everyone who participated in the event.

As the latest member of the illustrious Legion of Merit, MasPan will receive the “Legion of Merit” in-game title after March 23, 2011 -- permanently.

This title will also be granted to our first Legion of Merit winner, Anonamoose!

Please join us in congratulating both our winners!

The Arad High Council is on the lookout for more Legion of Merit winners. As we find them, we’ll announce them and their prize-winning activities here.

If you know of a Dungeon Fighter who has made an outstanding contribution to the DFO community, why not nominate them for the Legion of Merit?

When sending nominations, please include the following information.

• Subject: Legion of Merit nomination
• Your in-game name
• Nominee’s name: This can be an in-game name or a forum ID, but please specify which
• Details about their contribution. Please include links to forum posts, websites, or any other supporting details

Congratulations to our new Legion of Merit winner: MasPan

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