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AnnabelleMarie 10-08-2009 11:16 AM

DFO Item Shop is now open for business!
DFO Item Shop is now open!

What do Dungeon Fighters do when they want to stand out on the crowded streets of Arad? They head down to the Item Shop!

The Item Shop features an assortment of premium wares that enhance your dungeon fighting experience, including potions to boost your health and stats, safe upgrades with increased storage capacity and no weight limit, Life Tokens to bring you back to life when you fall in a dungeon battle, and the highly sought after Avatar Tokens.

What are Avatar Tokens? Well, this precious item can be used in the Dungeon Fighter Online Avatar Bazaar to obtain some of the most beautiful and rarest avatar items around! Get some for yourself! Trade avatar items with friends! Fight through dungeons looking sharp!

How do I get to the Item Shop in the game?

You can find the Item Shop and the Avatar Bazaar in Hendon Myre, between Pungjin and Canna. You can also directly access the Item Shop from anywhere bv opening the Service Menu (button marked with the NX icon) and then click on "Item Shop". (The default hotkey for this is "T".)

To enjoy the DFO Item Shop, you will need NX. NX is virtual currency used throughout all games serviced by Nexon America Inc. There are two types of NX depending on how you charge it.
- NX Prepaid: Charged via Nexon Game Cards and PayByCash, has no limitations on in-game item purchases, other than game level restrictions. There are NO restrictions to purchasing Avatar Tokens with NX Prepaid.
- NX Credit: Charged via PayPal, is restricted from purchasing certain items in Nexon games. Please note that, in DFO, players MUST be level 30 to purchase Avatar Tokens with NX Credit.

For more detailed information about NX and how to get it, click on the following links:
- To locate where Nexon Game Cards are sold, click HERE
- To find out how to charge NX, click HERE

Anything you purchase from the new Item Shop during the rest of our beta period will stay with you as we move into our official launch, so feel free to take full advantage of all that the DFO Item Shop offers.

Also, the Arad High Council has planned two events to mark this joyous occasion.
- The Shoot Your Avatar Screenshot Event - grab a screenshot of your decked out avatar in the middle of Dungeon Fighter action for a chance to win NX prizes.
- Item Shop Meter Milestone Madness - be one of the lucky Dungeon Fighters to hit an Item Shop milestone and get yourself a hefty NX reward.

Look sharp, brave warriors…kill monsters in style!

– Arad High Council –

Dungeon Fighter Online – Taking the arcade fight online

Naps 10-08-2009 11:42 AM

i still dont understand how avatar tokens work, someone care to clarify?

buta 10-08-2009 11:48 AM

You buy a token, go to your char's avatar machine, pick a category, and press a button and they give you a random avatar item (with a random stat maybe?).

Naps 10-08-2009 12:20 PM

Dungeon Fighter Online – Taking the arcade fight online

there we go

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