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Lacerta 09-28-2009 04:46 PM

Life Token Daily Allotment Increased!
Rise from the dead more often!

During the first weekend of our Open Beta, we increased the daily allotment of Life Tokens from one (1) Token to three (3) Tokens. The reaction from Dungeon Fighter Online players was overwhelmingly positive. Thus, starting tomorrow, September 29th, at 6AM Pacific (9AM Eastern) Dungeon Fighters will wake up to at least three Life Tokens in their inventory.

The same rules governing the Life Token allotment still apply. Life Tokens are not cumulative, so the full three will only be granted to Dungeon Fighters who have a Life Token inventory of zero at 6AM, and each morning, you will only be allowed to receive as many Life Tokens as will increase your current inventory to three. For instance, if you have one Life Token, you will be given two more; if two Life Tokens, one more. And if you have three or more Life Tokens, you will not receive any Life Tokens for that day. At least, not through the daily allotment system.

Remember, if you are in a Party and die, a Party member may spend a Life Token to revive you. Just promise to return the favor when you get a fresh supply the next day.

We trust that you will use this power to thwart death wisely.

Fight on, brave warriors. You will survive so your enemies donít.

- Arad High Council -

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buta 09-28-2009 05:15 PM


I wonder how many complaint letters they received when people started telling everyone that other versions got 5 or so.

But, yay. I can get more good grades on maps. :D

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