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mamoru 07-25-2012 07:33 PM

Act III S2: Avengers + Tower of Despair Update
Teaser is up at Dungeon Fighter Online Act III: The Gathering Storm.

Update comes next week. Avenger being the fourth subclass for the Priest and Tower of Despair being the 100 day end-game shat. Also in the update are class rebalances, including another Vallacre nerf. balls.


I am currently reserving EACH AND EVERY Avengers related name for my future Avenger. steverogers is already claimed, *****es. :py39:

Anima 07-25-2012 07:57 PM

ahhh i'm so excited~ gonna autism my way to 70 again

Almora 07-25-2012 09:45 PM

I'm happy for the new EX skills and skill changes for my classes I play. I'm going to pass on avenger since I'm not really a fan of the priest class.

I've seen some videos of ToD. VOLCARIA ON DRUGS. <- Probably the most anticipated fight for me hehe.

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