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beibei 12-15-2009 05:23 AM

We got married + Family outing + X-man
Those 3 are my top 3 variety Korean show. Very funny =p.

We got married : I stopped watching that when new couple came and old couple left:py56:. It's just not funny anymore. I love the Ant couple so much! They are hilarious.AA !!!!

Family outing
: My brother made me addicted to that show. He started watch that show on his computer and sometimes I peek on his screen and wow Hyori Lee was in it! I actually learn a lots of stuff and learn about Korean culture. Very Funny and educational.

X-man A Korean variety game show! Every episode makes me lmao. Oh oh My favorite part is the "Couple time". The males need to perform something to wins a girl(get the girl pick him).
Saying goodbye to Xman variety show, the end of an Korean variety dynasty… « Coolsmurf Domain

-Now your turn to tell me what other Korean variety show do you watch?
-Why do you like it?

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