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james 03-21-2011 11:49 AM

Infiltrator Skills
A work in progress, but I'll make sure to always add what I have.


April's Fool


Dagger Mastery

Poison Crash

Swift Attack

Throwing Dagger

Violent Blow

Some skills [mostly the attacks] I don't have all the levels for because I'm not high enough for them, I'll be sure to update them as I level.

Sidero 03-21-2011 12:14 PM

thanks, momi! could you please post the Thief and Bandit skills too? I'll add this soon.

I'm a little sick now and the next step is add Archer and Thief skills, then all 2nd Class ones (i have all except any Thief tree and 4th Class skills).

james 03-21-2011 12:33 PM

Sure sure, I'll take pictures of both Archer, Thief, and Hunter skills when I get back on. There'll be a little wait for Bandit skills since I don't have one, but I can just create a new char. and look at them.

Sidero 03-21-2011 12:57 PM

momi, you can check Bandit tab pressing K key. please screen the skills. :py55:

james 03-21-2011 01:04 PM

Well I'm already an Infiltrator so I can't do that anymore. D:
But I'll get right to it, I'll have pictures for all four classes by the end of the day. Taking a trip to Denver to pick up my sister from the airport.

james 03-22-2011 11:15 AM

Archer skills
For some of the skills that I don't have all five levels of, I'm fairly certain you can deduce what it would be based on the information I have.

Rising Arrow


Rapid Step

Moonwalk Shot


Double Strike

Archer's Quickness

Antiair Shot

Bow Mastery

Hunter skills are on the way, just gotta crop them up and they'll be done.

james 03-22-2011 11:32 AM

Hunter skills

Wolf Rush


Rocket Launch



Disruption Web


Bird Watching

Arrow Shower

Acid Arrow

Sorry if they're all out of order lol. D:

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