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conkriter 09-23-2009 06:59 AM

Guide Contest Warrior>>>Gladiator>>>Myrmidon
Guide should be for IAH Games Dragonica

1)Combo: combo is for more exp...
30combo u will hav x1.1exp
50combo u will hav x1.2exp
70combo u will hav x1.3exp
80combo u will hav x1.4exp
100combo u will hav x1.5exp

2)Mission Map: Mission map providing good exp and item

3)dash: press the direction key 2times u will dash (dashing consume mp)

4)100 coppers = 1 silver
10,000 coppers = 100 silvers = 1 gold

5)Alt+1~8 : Make your character Cry, Laugh, Wave, Bow, etc by pressing number keys

6)“ PrtScn” to take Screenshots, which will be stored in your “My Documents/Dragonica” folder

7)“Z”: Powerful Charge Attack(only avaible on Warrior & Thief) or Use-Portal key(consume mp)

8)3. “X”: Attack. Press X key to attack enemies

9)“C” Jump.

10)"C" + Directional Key: Executes a Recovery Roll when you are downed in combat. (Needs to be executed within 0.5secs of being downed.)

I pick warrior path and write a guide on leveling from 1-60 in that job path. Mine guide should include:

In 1st job warrior is the best training for...:py16:
coz warrior hp more thn other can tank abit...
i try open an archer character and in mission map
if no hav warrior i take longer time to finish it...:py36:

at 20lvl the build of warrior should be like tis:

acctually i add Sword Danceis for hitting toto only==:py30:

The place train for warrior to 20 is show below^^" :

  • 1 lvl~7 lvl we go tain at Big Bad Wolf - North Windia Plains
  • 7 lvl~13 lvl we will go to Vega - Windia Flats
  • 13 lvl to 16 lvl we can go Tutu - West Traitor Ridge
  • 16 lvl to 20 lvl following we will go to Toto - East Traitor Ridge tats Tutu's brother^^" LOL

Next!!! is my gladiator skill build to 40lvl:

Guide for training to 40lvl:
  • 20 lvl to 25 lvl we shall train at White Tooth - Bearded Whale Coast
  • 25 lvl to 29 we going to meet White Tooth Girl Friend@@ tats is Alvida - Steven Trading Port
  • 29 lvl~ 34 lvl we got go to Artis - Mirinae Sanctuary
  • 34 lvl~38 lvl we have to go to Chaos map ad tats is Chaos White Tooth - Chaos Bearded Whale Coast
    important here i hav to do some note: if u going to Chaos map u hav to hunt dss(Devil's Soulstone) at hidden map for change the scroll and the Shield Of Void(prevent hitting 1 damage at chaos map )
    and 1 more here...u better bring a ranger for clearing Razor Crab using his Machine Gun ok?!
  • 38 lvl~40 lvl call ur friend hlping or create a low lvl party at Sambaba - Valid Reath

oK! is time to change job ad :py01:
My Myrmidon build to 60 lvl shown below:py55:

below 1 is trading spot for 40 lvl to 60 lvl:py12:
  • 40lvl ~45lvl We still doing at Sambaba - Valid Reath here
  • 45lvl ~50lvl now is going to Chaos map also..tat is Chaos Night Lord - Chaos Hero's Descent
    ★note here: we training at field map not going to mission map and we take lane 1 is the best for our class bcoz the mob can fly up..:py62:
  • 50 lvl ~60 lvl i think Chaos Queen Vella - Chaos Smoldering Swamp is the best spot for this kind of lvl
    ★ur acc hav to reach 150 or more
Chaos Smoldering Swamp Field Map
The Picture is Kenzai own 1

Boss strategies:

A rough estimate is that the bosses spawn around 3 hours after being killed.
Thief's Hideout

Kungka is

Sungka is

Captain Hookah spawns 2h 45m after he is killed

Wrath of Nautilus

Hookah is

Alvida is

Dangerous Mecca

Artis is

Night Lord is

2.45 hours after boss die
Barlok's Lair

Atoo is

Chief Rocker is

PvP specs and tactics

i was going PVP at 51lvl bcoz of our skill wyvern blade effect XD
  • 1st i use Wyvern Blade to catch the ppl
  • following by use Storm Blade
  • use I'm Gone Bro to lock the ppl
  • Gush Slash also locking the ppl
  • now is using Incoming Bro
  • now if Wyvern Blade is hav been cooling down use it and follow by Storm Blade..
  • if Wyvern Blade not cool down yet u using Storm Blade 1st thn use Wyvern Blade
  • repeat the step the ppl sure die ^^"

thx wyvern2920 make me remember to add something...

Don't Giv Up whn u havn't reach 51lvl for Myrmidon!!

reason we play Myrmidon...
What other classes took to down in 10mins, Myrmidons took less than 4mins!

wyvern2920 09-24-2009 03:05 AM

nice guide.. i got an idea... tnx.. 1 questin.. :O whose better.. knight>>paladin or gradiator-myrmidon...?

conkriter 09-24-2009 05:54 AM

err 2 also good
in PVP almost all Myrmidon lost Paladin whn 1 vs 1 ==
bcoz of they combo lock...and revenge...
Paladin is tanker(def high) adn Myrmidon is ATKer (atk high)

i let u saw some of Myrmidon video ^^"

What other classes took to down in 10mins, Myrmidons took less than 4mins!

Cooldest Myrmidon and How Myrmidon die from Paladin combo lock==

dragonica 11-06-2009 08:03 AM

Not bad ! and thx 4 the secret map secrets!

basokaboy 03-18-2010 08:30 PM

i'm new here so please bear with my stupid question,
do we get a reset skill everytime we change our job?? please answer me..

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