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Default [Short-Guide] [HowTo Play] Warrior > Gladiator > Marmydon

[Currently I'm still some levels short of Marmydon, since I do not do theorycrafting guides I'll update the guide when the time comes]

Things you need to be aware of,
  • Warriors are not spam dependent! (as most other classes are) They can be played though some form of spam or another (eg. hammers), but the results will be far from pretty.
  • Warriors are the crowd-control class. They serve to keep mobs away from the fragile classes (ie. in particular archers, also mages and theifs to some extent).
Traits of bad warriors,
  • Uses two consecutive hammer attacks.
  • Does not use (or simply uses very rarely) Hammer Crush (stun hammer), but uses both Frost Hammer (slow hammer) and Flame Hammer (dot hammer).
  • Does not use Storm Blade.
  • Uses Storm Blade on mobs attacked by a Archer or Thief.
  • Does not make use of Air Combo Launcher.
  • Does not target/eliminate/disable the ranged mobs.
  • Walks and kills the next mob.
  • Does not tank/wreck/plow big mobs.
  • Does not use roll when he falls
  • Does not use dash, jump, strafe etc
  • Gets hit a lot! (calculate "a lot" as negative number in: Combo Points - Hits, with no 1/2 deduction)
  • (is otherwise a n00b in ways not worth mentioning)
Remember ToDo, list:
  • Store away your lv1 Sword you get when you enter the game. Its a very useful questing tool!
  • Save that useless cursed sword for those Combo events/needs.
  • Do not ruin/destroy/lose your Gas Mask you get for Farrell (or at least don't ruin both of them).
  • Read npc text at higher levels when only the quest log description gets fuzzy.

  • Practice skills and combo chains. Consider yourself warned!
    (if you dive right into a Mission Map you'll find yourself spaming something or other in a rush)

  • Learn how other classes play since as warriors you easily become the bad wrench in their system.
  • Use Cutdown to accelerate down when falling.
  • Vault the skill reset scroll, its very easy to click on it as if it was a town teleport.

"Damage comes before combos, but combos are superior in every way."

[Temporary Experimental Marmydon Build, as placeholder]

In detail,
For the sake of clarity lets ignore the difference between channeling and animation time.
I will refer to the sum of both as Cast and rate it on a scale of: Instant, Low, Medium, Late. Where low = your Attack speed.
Since jumping counts as well I'll factor that into the rating as well.
The following chart shows SP (skill point) cost per skill.

The following chart shows Combo and Damage multipliers. For combos only the maximum posible values have been considered. The value of the Max columns reflect maximum posible damage inflicted on a group of targets given ideal conditions where the maximum number of targets (required by the skill) is obtained. In other words, the maximum effect of the skill when used with skill.

Combos and Mission Maps
When in Mission Maps, your greatest source of exp, items and thus subsequently gold (as well as fun of course), the end grade determines, among other things, the number of items you receive for your hard work.

Loosely, the grade is calculate as:
Grade = (Team Total Combo Points) - (Your Hits) / 2
A combo point is given ever 30 combos with extra points every greater multiple of 30 up to 150. At 150 you need to restart the combo since no more points will be awarded. A hit is considered every time a enemy as merely only pokes you.

Using the formula (numbers can be seen on screen when in then MM) if you get 0 more or less you get grade B, thus 2 items. Bellow -10 is grade C and subsequently D (past -20) which both give 1 item. If you get over 10 you have grade A, which is 3 items. Past 20 is grade S (Super) which gives 4 items.

Intuitively you may think a team that focuses on combos will kill very slowly and thus get low times (ie. low exp per hour). If we were to consider extreme examples of such teams focused on combos this might be true, but in reality a combo team kill relatively fast and the end times might be shorter then a team focused on simply damage dealing. I will not try to make theories on why this happens, but simply put as anyone will notice after a while, if the team combos well, everyone is attacking, everyone is hitting. Since everyone is hitting there is a lot of well balanced crowd control, thus nobody is getting hit, nobody is running/dashing/jumping for their lives, or otherwise lying on the ground etc. Team target count and damage cumulated will always be larger then that of the individual, thus combo in a team is good for exp and cleaning mobs not just the items at the end.
Monster Formations
Your role in the team is that of a tank. I'm talking about what a real tank does, not the game jargon.

In simple terms you are the mobile artillery that pushes forward though the enemy lines and deals devastating and crippling (not necessarily decisive) blows allowing the rest of the forces to push forward easier after you (preferably, along side you). You are very resilient and can take large amounts of blows so you do not require teammates nearby so as to not die (in the eventually the unthinkable happens of course).

Analogy aside, generally speaking you should focus on disabling any mob that is particularly dangerous. In the resort stun hammer is your only option do note the stun will not cancel but rather pause a attack so units which exit a stun have a high probability of hitting back unless otherwise canceled midway.

If you need to block enemies early on the simplest way is Hammer Crush (ie. stun hammer) + Launcher, and repeat. Enemies nearby will get stun locked or if fragile thrown back. This works later on as well, though it becomes useless as time goes by. Initially you will find such things as razor crabs which can only be stunned (no knockdown and no air throw), later you will discover mobs which can only be knocked down and have charge etc. Or have ranged mobs behind the melee tankable ones, which sometimes can be handled with a Incoming Bro, but most of the time not. Another simple way to tank them is to apply a small kiting combo chain, ideally with bro attacks.

When facing large numbers of mob formations consisting range units, apply Launcher, Incoming bro and Cutdown (with Stormblade as required) to disable them. Range units are the biggest source of hits, along charging type units etc.

In a boss fight it is not advised you use the Hammer Crush. Early on you will be able to stun the miniboss at kunka and such where they are important targets, however later when you encounter missions with bosses that permanently spawn mobs around them, the hammer because of its cast time becomes a reliability.
  • C, X + Down = Cutdown
  • C + Arrow = Roll (will only work aprox. 1.5s after being knocked down)
  • C, X, X, X = Air combo
  • X + Up = Launcher
  • Dash + X = Dashing Blow
  • X (hold) = AOE Tanking Attack, best with one-handed weapon (yes, mobs cant attack back)
  • DoubleTap Up/Down = Strafe (universal damage evasion skill)
  • X+Down = Ground AOE (all classes can do this, gladiator dmg/aoe/speed is the best at it IMO)
  • Z (hold) = AOE long range attack.

Last edited by Setyroth; 07-01-2009 at 02:40 PM.
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errr...dude,sry 2 say dis,but,ur guide is lame....
u actually need 2 knw,wats d function of myrmidon in party.

i say it again
They Kill Mobs With Their Enourmous Power.
Compare to KNIGHT/PALADIN,ur def and hp is like heaven n earth.

Bout ur skill build also,got many problems with it.

However,there is a good thing in dis guide.COMBO is GOOD

u should go read other guide b4 doing guide dude.
U have my pity
10-16-2009   #3 (permalink)
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Quart is on a distinguished road

How To skill Sword mastery?
10-17-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by RukaRuka
errr...dude,sry 2 say dis,but,ur guide is lame....
u actually need 2 knw,wats d function of myrmidon in party.

i say it again
They Kill Mobs With Their Enourmous Power.
Compare to KNIGHT/PALADIN,ur def and hp is like heaven n earth.

Bout ur skill build also,got many problems with it.

However,there is a good thing in dis guide.COMBO is GOOD

u should go read other guide b4 doing guide dude.
U have my pity
actually myrmidons damage in PvE isn't that good, but they're not tanks

your grammar gets my pity


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