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koldazzboi 05-16-2009 02:38 PM

Warrior - Knights
Hi, Before I begin, I will introduce myself and why I am making this guide. I am Repulse, a Knight in CBT and would like to share my experience with you guys.
*Note* This is my PERSONAL experience with Knights and you are free to believe what you want. This is only to give people a roundabout feel of the class, and I will do so as closely as I can. This information is not to be taken seriously, and the information can change over the course of time. Enjoy.

Okay, so the fun can begin.

*Table Of Contents*

1. Version History.
2. Why and why not Warrior/Knights? Pros and Cons.
3. Game Introduction.
4. Becoming a Knight.
5. Skills and Comments.
6. Skill Builds Suggestions.
7. Credits and Last Thoughts.

*1)Version History*

1. First Edition. (Need a New Heading Outline)

*2.Why and why not Warrior/Knights? Pros and Cons.*

Before I begin, This guide is geared towards those aiming to be Knights. I have no idea how Gladiators are built.

Warriors - These guys are notorious for their tanking abilities. Generally with warriors, you get action packed skills, but most of the time lacks DPS (compared to other classes, not necessary meaning you are weak, just not as strong as others). If you are looking to chill back, hit and run (Kite), and looking to be a glass cannon, this job is not for you. However, if you are looking for some insane looking armor, skills that spark and illuminates your screen, and deal with bosses without worrying about a OHKO (One Hit K-O.) death, then read on my friend.

Knights - Knights are the SNS(Shield and Sword) in Dragonica. What's more intimidating than that? You're the balance between Offensive and Defensive capabilities. Not excelling in a general field and having a weak spot, you harmonize your talents into being one with your sword and shield. (But as a knight, you do lean towards Def more. A Strong Defense is a Strong Foundation, and foundation is important.)

Pros - - Highest Hp and Def in the game (Shocker.)
- PvE and PvP oriented.
-Can control Mobs with different status ailments. (Stun,Burn,Freeze-LowerDef- atkspeed-etc). (Good for running Mission Maps (Aka Dungeons) and Boss battles.)
- Looks awesome.
- Can fight head on.
- Amazing passive buffs that gets you ahead of the game.
- Have Higher Chance to Block incoming attacks, with addition to having a High Hp.
- When the Job change comes, You have a choice that leans towards Def(Knights) or Atk(Gladiators). The choice is yours (but hopefully knights =P, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.)
- Pots have a 10 sec Cooldown, WITH THE ADDITION, that it regenerates overtime. This means you can safely use a pot, wait for the cd, and regen rate, and have sufficient hp to wait withhold another full cycle. This is important if you do not plan on spending a lot of CASH on the game as Cash shop potions have a different cooldown from the in game's potion and have no regen period.
- 1v1 Specialist as you have many launchers, and PvE masters as you have a STUN hammer that aoes which is so important. Later in the game, some mobs cannot be launched into the air, thus making them hard to kill if you neglect your hammers.
- Knights also have a Buff that makes them Immune to being launched/knocked down,ETC. This will give you the edge as you take players surprised as you play possum, take a launcher hit and still be standing,then launch them instead, If you want. You also have an arsenal of fast launching skills that can usually take care of the job.

That's about it. If I'm missing anything feel free to let me know.

Cons - -You are a 1v1 in the PvP zone. You can't just mindlessly spam your skills and hope for kills. With that said, you are a specialist in targeting any annoying pest that may cause potential threats to your team.
- You must run up to the boss, which gives you a higher percentage of getting hit (but that's what Warriors do right?) (And if you can read the bosses, you can dodge them, which I'm sure all of you guys can do.) This can jeopardize your ranking in Mission Maps giving you a lower grade than everyone. So be careful. *Note, as long as you do Mission Maps above your level (the higher the difference, the greater the chance), which you are almost always capable of, you'll get an S or A for the most part, granted your party aren't consisted of total newcomers, or players who bait and uses the party to get a good grade. Those who just runs around, doing ONE skill from like 70 feet from the monsters.)
- A limited and repetitious chain combo. Warriors have it the worst when chaining combos, but that just means less combos to perfect, am I right? You have a decent amount of launchers and when maxed out, can endlessly bring them back up. But only can this be true on a 1v1 basis. They're all AoE, but sometimes you'll miss when concerning with a big group. Each skills have a different AoE field. *note* When it comes to your launchers, it's not only for you to take advantage of, Even though you launch the enemy, your team can also take advantage of the ones you cant get to. You aim for one guy, you launch others in the midst of owning the one guy, your team cleans up.

*3. Game Introduction*

Moving on, I'm sure you're tired of reading those long paragraphs of the cons, but if you simply skimmed over them, I suggest you read them. Even though they're cons, they have a flips side to them.

Also for those who are looking for a STAT build, Dragonica is not that type of game. No stat points, so sorry for those looking for the "Pure Str" builds w/ huge amounts of money invested in DEX Armor or something (Yes I use to play Maple.) Anyway, This game is based on your skill build and how you use it. Also your armor upgrades but that's obvious in a free MMoRPG. Also this isn't a point and click game and you can actually miss your skill, so you have to aim and use strategy to go around and avoid others' bread-and-butter "kill combos."

Moving On....

They are generally 3 types of things you can do in Dragonica, and they are Questing, Grinding, Or Power Leveling in the Mission Maps. I will go through each one.

Questing - This is your standard, Kill this many monsters and report to me, or Talk to him in exchange for some money, pots, items, and unlocking higher quests. You have generally two types, Hero quests and Regular quests.
The Hero quests tend to deal with the Mission Maps, as you complete them, they tell a story. Many people tend to grind the Mission Maps for levels and items though, but they are there to tell the storyline of Dragonica. *Note* these are a MUST complete as they offer a nice prize for completion and are required to progress in the game. Also, you're going to be grinding the Mission Maps anyways, so you might as well get something in return for it.
The Regular quests aren't really anything special. They are your basic Kill and return or run around town talking to people for a mundane amount of cash and pots. The only really Perk to this is that you will be force to fight monsters in the real world to bring up your Monster Kill Count (More explained under Grinding.) *Note* I didn't really feel that obligated to do these quests, as the exp and prizes gained are just a monetary gain. Although, it's really hard to just grind Mission Maps all day and these quests are refreshing from taking a break from that.

Mission Maps - These are the dungeons in Dragonica. They're purpose is to tell the storyline of Dragonica.
You have an onset of 4 dungeons, each ranked by an amount of stars from 1 star to 4 stars. The higher the stars, the longer, harder, and more tedious the dungeon is. Although each dungeon map is simply killing ALL of the monsters and advancing to the next map, the maps outline and some quests are implemented to keep it from being repetitive. You must complete star 1 before you can START star 2 and so on. However, if your party leader is able to enter star 4, and you've yet to complete star 1, you will also be able to enter.
Upon completion of stars 1 through 4, a 5th dungeon will be unlocked called the Heroes Dungeon. This is usually the end of each Heroes' quest thus allowing you to progress in the game.
At the end of each dungeon you are ranked according to your performance. The more damage you've taken, the lower your score. But the higher the damage output and the longer your combo chains, you will be scored higher. The higher your score, the more amount of items (Max of 4 and with each increasing count, you will recieve a different tier of item. Such as 1st you will receive an equipment, then you will receive an artifact and show on. This isn't the ACTUAL rubric of item awarded, but you get the idea. ) and exp you will receive at the end of the dungeon. It is important that you get a good party, and once you have completed s1-s3 (stars 1 - stars 3) you will grind s4 for however long you feel needed.

Grinding - This is never ever ever ever ever ever suggested to level. I mean, you can if you want to, but it's a lot faster if you grinded s4 and you also get more items. Now you ask, why do it? Well the only perk is that when you kill monsters in the World map, each kill raises your Monster Count at the bottom right of your screen.
At the intervals of 100/300/500/700/100 kills, you are awarded a chest which upon opening, you will receive a random item according to your level. Now, you can get something totally useless, but it may surprise you as I have gotten items I never receive in the dungeon. It isn't limited to equips, you may get Usable items as well. (Correct me if I'm wrong on this. I've gotten equips most of the time, but I do vaguely remember having a couple Items.) Anyway, the equips are sometimes good, but the real question is, Is it Worth it? Why not, Dungeons are limited to average equips, while Chests are not. (Also correct me if I'm wrong on this as well. I didn't spend much time chest hunting, and it's been a while since I've last played.)

Something Noteworthy. You will notice that some equips you receive are SEALED. You must break down some equipment you don't want with your hammer icon at the bottom left hand of your inventory window and obtain some Soul Pieces. These can be traded into Julie (I think that's her name) for seal scrolls that unlock the unique ability on the equip. The souls are also used for empowering your equipment and taking the Curse off of them (Curse equips are randomized as you Unseal equips, it has a low chance of being Cursed, which is un-equipable.)

For the rest of the time, you will spend in the PVP zone. This is what makes Dragonica so fun. You can test your wits and skills and build against other players and see how you fair. The rewards in winning or losing in the PVP zone is obviously record and you also get CP. I don't know what they stand for but you can think of it as another form of currency. You can trade CP for set items from any of the Job advancers (obviously each will offer specifications of that class.)
PvP is also the highlight of most game so Enjoy owning the Noobs. (did i spell that right?) or is it PWNING THE J00BS WITH MY l33tN355. Whatever the case Have Fun.

*4. Becoming a Knight*

At level 20, you will have a class advancement like the other classes. Two paths will be available for you, Knight & Gladiator. Knights are the shield wielders while Gladiators are the 2handSwordsmen. Knights are well balanced with a favor to defense, while Gladiators are all out attackers. Your move (KNIGHTS).

To do the class advancement, you have to go to Port of Winds and find the Warrior Instructor. He will give you a gas mask and a quest which consist of three parts.

- Hunt for 20 quest items at the Bearded Whale Coast.
- Complete Toto Mission Quest 4 Stars at East Traitor's Ridge.
- Defeat Farrell at his lab.

To enter his lab, you must go to a sewers and wear the mask to prevent getting poisoned. Oh, and stock up on potions, you'll need it.
Find a party (I would NOT recommend solo-ing it, as there are no perks to it as you waste time and potions. You only get the satisfaction of saying "I Solo-ed Farrell!" And no one would care.)
Gather a party of people who are also going for the job advancement, but it's better to find a party that is looking to grind it as they know what they are doing and you can also take advantage of making some money here.
You will climb a series of stairs, jump across platofrms, jump from rope to rope, time moving platforms and defeat a series of bosses that will drop keys that will unlock Farrel's Lab Door. *Quick Note* When the minibosses are about to die, GET AWAY FROM IT. Let the party leader kill it and collect the keys. The keys are NON-TRADABLE, and you must have all 5 to access Dr.Farrell's Lab.
Now you might be wondering why I say it's better to grind Dr.Farrell's Lab. As it does not give as much Exp as Toto's Mission Quest s4 does, it does in fact give more money. The equips are slightly beter as Dr.Farrell gives 25+ and Toto gives 20+, but you can't wear them until the anyway as you are still Lvl 20, but you also get a chance to get Dr.Farrell's Jewel which you can Npc for 2gold. You're probally laughing, 2 gold? that's IT?!, but know this, I was short on money plenty of time and a stack of 99 lvl 20pots is a whopping 1.5g. Also you will always get 4 items upon completion of Dr.Farrell's lab

Well not much more to say here as you are changing your job and are finally able to wield a shield that actually looks like one. Not a great one, but one nonetheless. Just get ready for some skills that you will actually enjoy spamming.

*5. Skills and Comments*

Information is taken straight off of IaH's website. It can be viewed here at with the exception of my personal comments/thoughts about each one. How you build it is entirely up to you. Just hope that my suggestions prepares you adequately enough for you to decide.


Blow (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 1
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 10
Description - Thrust up to 9 enemies, causing damage and knockback. Slightly longer reach than normal attacks.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info. ixyeoh is a little mad.

Comments : This skill is just a pre-req. It's useful on some degrees early game as you can knockdown some mobs from hitting you, and as well as in PvP. When you knockdown an enemy, you can quickly throw a stun hammer and hope for a stun which will give you easy access to launchers. Don't max it.

Sword Mastery (Passive)
When @ Lvl of -1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 1
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 15
Pre-Req Skills - None
Description - +10 ATK when using any sword.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : For knights, I'd say pool LEFTOVERS points into this skill. We are not gladiators who have ADV sword mastery, and basically nothing to boost our DMG. We are a DEF build so any extra DMG is well appreciated. (Trust Me.) I personally have this maxed, but due to some skills left unlearned.

Air Combo Launch (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 1
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - None
Description - Charges 5 enemies and launches them into the air.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : In my final build, I don't have this learned, but it is an extremely useful skill early game to launch with to combo Storm Blade, your DPS skill that will aid you in clearing mobs in a blink of an eye. I'd say, get it to lvl 2-3 then wait for the reset. You'll have great launchers when ADV to Knight.

Cutdown (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 2
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Blow Lv1
Description - After jumping, press attack + down arrow to attack up to 5 enemies on the ground.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : I love this skill. You jump up and do a downward thrust that launches enemies up. In Pvp, Everyone is jumping around, and so will you. When you get the opportunity, Launch them and own them. When you are a knight , you will have aerial smack down and this to mix around with. How far to max? 4-5 I'd say. 3 is Optional.

Storm Blade (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 3
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Cutdown Lv1
Description - Cause a 3sec whirling sword storm to attack up to 5 airborne targets.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Your best skill for a while. This skills deals a lot of DPS and basically your follow up with every launcher. On cooldown, you will jump up and do a regular 3 hit air combo and follow with a Cutdown to relaunch and Storm Blade again. Max it ASAP.

Re-launch (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 2
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 10
Pre-Req Skills - Air Combo Launch Lv1
Description - Attack and re-launch 1 incapacitated enemy.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Pretty Useless IMO. You have your CutDown that is so much more versatile in relaucning or just initiating a launch. Learn to get the Icecold Heart, or leave it alone.

Sword Dance (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 3
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 10
Pre-Req Skills - Re-launch Lv1
Description - Hurls sword in front of you knock an enemy down.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Same as Re-Launch. Learn to get Ice Cold Heart or leave it alone. This skill barely does any dmg, and if you think about it, it only has a further range and same aspect as your first skill Blow, which both blows. Your choice, but I didn't even learn this one when I turned to knight.

Hammer Crush (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 5
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 15
Pre-Req Skills - None
Description - Smash up to 2 enemies using a giant hammer, with a 50% chance of casting Lv1 stun effect.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Pretty useful. I maxed this one out for the % Stun. You'll need it when PvPing or PvEing. People like to do a hybrid for MaxDPS output with hammer spams. Not worth it IMO, but People like to do 2 Into this, and 5 into the Blazing Youth and IceCold.

Blazing Youth (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 7
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Hammer Crush Lv1, Storm Blade Lv2
Description - Smash up to 2 enemies with a flaming hammer. 50% chance to cast Lv1 burn effect and reducing max MP. Victims constantly lose HP and MP over the burn duration.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : A so-so skill. It inflicts and engulfs your enemies into losing HP/Mp over time, but only by a small amount. It deals more DMG than your HammerCrush but the status ailment is junk. I maxed it out because i had leftover points. I didnt bother with the right hand side of the skill tree.

Icecold Heart (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 7
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Hammer Crush Lv1, Sword Dance Lv2
Description - Smash up to 2 enemies with an ice hammer. Has a 50% chance to cast Lv1 Frozen, reducing Movement Speed, Attack Speed and all DEF by 20%.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Pretty good skill that has great status ailments. But the skills pre-req to get here was just too much for me. Skills that I like, I want MAXED for obviously maximum DMG. It wasn't worth it for me to grab this skill in my Final Knight Build. I did however use this when LvLing to 20. It's up to you. Now, some people can do a successful build which I will explain later. Good skill Overall. Decide whether you want to max it later on in my guide.


Shield Mastery (Passive)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 20
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - None
Description - Increase Block by 3% and DEF +50 when holding a shield.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Not much to say here. Max it when you get the chance. Grab it for Pre-req of your next skills.

Aerial Smackdown (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/1
Lvl. Req - Lv. 20
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - None
Description - Cast dash in mid-air and press attack to smack down and attack enemies nearby. Can only be use when airborne.
Level Up - Maxed when Learned

Comments : Pretty fun skill to spam. In the PvP zone many people are jumping around, and with this corkscrew drive skill, I can catch them and launch them. Now, This skill does not launch enemies high enough for you to chain with, but you can follow up with Storm Blade, if you press it immediately after, But it is really hard to tell if you catch them or not, Kinda risky to do as you will come down for a launch from the enemy. In the PvP zone, you're never sure if you catch your enemies with this as some lag time is present. You can however follow up with a Hammer Crush to stun the enemy and do a launch with Shoulder Tackle.

Aerial Blow (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/1
Lvl. Req - Lv. 20
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 15
Pre-Req Skills - None
Description - Whips out a toy hammer and bash up to 10 enemies into the ground. Can only be used after an air combo attack.
Level Up -Max when Learned

Comments : Really hate this skill. It sucks. Don't plan on using it as you won't get much out of it, but you will have to learn it to learn your better skills. This will screw up your air combos as you will knock down enemies at unwanted moments if you hit right arrow + attack. It also has a REALLY bad hit rate. Be warned.

Shoulder Tackle (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 21
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 15
Pre-Req Skills - Aerial Smackdown
Description - Charges up to 5 standing enemies and knocks them into the air.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Your next best launcher. You shoulder tackle the enemy and causes them to be launched in the air. Even if you miss, you still dash far enough to not be punished for it (In MOST cases, not all.)

Parry (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 22
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 15
Pre-Req Skills - Shield Mastery
Description - Increases sword blocking by 5% for 30secs. Adds 5% increase to current block rate.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Another GREAT skill. Learn it, but max when you can. You want your DPS skills first for faster leveling and so you won't get bored.

Impervion (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 21
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Aerial Blow Lv1
Description - 10sec buff that makes you immune to disabling effects like knock backs, flips, and stuns, but still take 100% of damage.
Level Up -

Comments : Great skill. You will need this in PVP and also boss Battles. Keep it at Lvl 1 as the duration for it is manageable, and you want to invest in your other skills more. The cooldown on this skill is a little long, but bear with it.

Spear Jab (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 23
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Shoulder Tackle Lv1
Description - Cast a 6-combo attack on 6 enemies and knock them down.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Your Knight's Best DPS skill. It does so much DMG and you'll love it. The only drawback is that you can be interrupted in the midst of the combo so be careful. Make sure you're 100% sure when you incorporate it into your combo. Many players will punish you for using this skill loosely.

Revenge (Toggle)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 23
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Impervion Lv1
Description - Casts a thorn shield around yourself, reflecting 30% damage back to attackers. Consumes 12 MP per 2 seconds until toggled off.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Great skill to go against archers with. If you 1v1 an Archer, you better hope your HP outlasts his. If you get caught in a launch, it's sweet dreams for you. He will keep you airborne until you fall 6 feet deep. The only way to counter this is to Improvision and Immune the launch, or let him kill himself. He will wait for your MP to drain though if you are in favor of winning. Just be careful as many Pvps will disable items so people don't spam pots. Some will allow though.
For the PVE aspect, you will rape bosses if you are the plant your feet type of guy. You don't have to worry about running away anymore, and won't have to depend on the others to finish the boss quickly.
Now, you will need a lot of mana pots so stock up. If you are too fearful of the Mp Usage, get out of this class now. I highly recommend you do so.
Overall, Max this bad boy out. You want to be feared in the PvP zone and send the bosses shivering in their boots.

Increased Defense (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 24
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 15
Pre-Req Skills - Impervion
Description - Add 60 DEF by enlarging your head for 120secs. Don't ask us how it works, we really don't know. But it's really funny, I promise.
Level Up -

Comments : I wouldn't worry too much about this skill. It's funny though (DK MODE from 007 anyone? No? Fine.)(You know what they say about guys with big heads...)(It helps you get aHEAD of the game?)(K I'll stop now.) Just get for the Giant Growth.

Giant Growth (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 26
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Increased Defense Lv1
Description - Max HP increases by 500 for 120secs.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : Great skill for the Extra Hp. Why not get it? Max this when you can. You're a tank, you want to get hit. How can a warrior say no to more HP? (Now you're probably calling me a Hypocrite for not getting the DEF, but cmon. 180 DEF when maxed? really? You won't miss that Def as you WISELY advert your skill points elsewhere. Plus you want to get hit more for your Thorns Skill. This will save you Mp Pots? Lol.)

Pressure (Active)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 27
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Spear Jab
Description - Drops a heavy weight on 6 enemies, damaging and launching them.
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : ACNE!!!!. Ok. Great skill as a launcher. If any of your launches miss, god forbid, You have this to back it up. It's DMG is suitable and the launch range isn't too bad. Great to have, but max after your Thorns/Hp/Buffs. Get another 2 or 3 levels depending on your style in this one. Or keep it at 1.

Body Activation (Passive)
When @ Lvl of - 1/5
Lvl. Req - Lv. 30
SP Cost To Raise Lvl - 20
Pre-Req Skills - Giant Growth
Description - Permanently increase Max HP by 8%
Level Up Increments - Taken Off Due to "Copyright". See another player's guide as I'm too lazy to google the Info.

Comments : I don't really need to say anything on this one right? Hp by a % nuff said. Max ASAP.

*6. Skill Builds Suggestion*

Okay now we come to the last segment of my Guide. Hope I've been helpful so far. And if it is too wordy, let me know, I will go back and shorten it or something. Or maybe not.

You must decide whether you want the passive buff sword mastery or not.
If you do, your build will be like mine.
Lvl 1 Blow
Maxed Sword Mastery
Maxed Storm Blade
Maxed Hammer Crush
Maxed Blazing Youth
and Lvl 4 CutDown

This build is the build I used in CBT and it's optimize for Maximum Dmg Output. Let me tell you, not that much of a difference from other knights who didn't max out sword mastery, but I didn't care. You won't be spamming so many skills anyway and when you hit Knight your knight skills will obviously take over. I went this build because I cannot count the many parties I was in where the DPS characters were seriously running around just to get a good grade. I had to in many cases solo the boss and with my weak DPS i got hit a lot giving me a C while the other idiots got an A / S (and I do use the term idiots as a euphemism of what they really are.) Anyway just get a good party and remember, you're not the DPS character, but you do deal a FAIR amount.

If you want the Ice Hammer, which is the build im going to try in OBT
It will look something like this
Lvl 1 Blow
Maxed Storm Blade
Maxed Hammer Crush
Maxed Ice Hammer
everything Pre-Req
And leftover in Cutdown/Sword Mastery.

This build will give you more options in your combos but at the cost of lower dmg, but the Ice hammer perks will make up for it. as it slows the enemies and lowers their defs. This will hurt them more and give you more options to dmg them. Remember, the more you invest in Cutdown, the higher it launches. The Sword Mastery wasn't really worth it I don't think, but you will obviously do more DMG than other knights (by a small margin, but noticeable). And you really don't want to waste your money/souls upgrading your sword early game anyway.

These are Pre-Knight Builds.

*Knight Builds Coming Soon*

*7.Credits and Last Thoughts*

Kay, I would like the credit IaH for brining Dragonica over here and the information on thier site was helpful.
Whatever company for making Dragonica, Great game. Very entertaining.

When pvping, be cautious of some thieves, as they will hide with their invisibility and when 1v1ing, if the scores at tied, it will result as a loss for you. I dont' know why or how, even if my blood percentage was higher than his, it was a win for him loss for me.
Thiefs will aim for their skills that keep you trapped until death. One of them has a blanka skills that is electricity around them. Loads of Dmg. and the other has a Lurker aspect. They will play like Vega jumping around and doing a downward attack (sorry for the street fighter references, just reminds me of it.)
Battlemages - They will keep you trapped with their fast mutli hitting spells that will leave your rendered unable to move nor retaliate. Just jump around and wait for openings. Trust me on this one. Be cautious of a wandering thunder ball and an Ice Fall AoE. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it.
Hunters - They will aim for the everlasting air combo or simply kite you to death. Make sure you Corkscrew dive them plenty of times as your skills will allow you to catch up to their speed.
Other warriors - what's the best way to defeat yourself? Only you can answer that.

This is my first time creating a guide, I know it's a little wordy and cluttered and I hope you like it nonetheless. Any tips on improving my guide would be helpful as you help me help the community.

Thank you for your time in reading this and please don't waste my time with flames and other useless comments as I do not intend to waste yours.

Any segment suggestions in need of adding/removing let me know. Also I know this is tacky, but I did not FULLY proofread this so any mistakes please let me know.

Enjoy and Happy Gaming!
(If this have been useful, Leave a cheerful Comment!)

ixyeoh 05-17-2009 07:15 PM

Yo mate, good job. Just one thing, I would really appreciate it if you ask for permission before using my guide next time. Cheers!

koldazzboi 05-17-2009 10:11 PM

Well, sorry for that, I did credit you, but I could've easily just grabbed the info from google. It's just the LevelupIncrements. I can even take it out if you like

ixyeoh 05-18-2009 12:04 AM

Nah, mate. You don't need to. Its just that it looks really similar, that is all.

koldazzboi 05-18-2009 12:46 AM

Really? The only thing that looks similar is the skill section? and I did that on my own with the help of the information off of the dragonica website. THe only thing I took from you was the LVL increments so people can know what it maxes at. Not that big of difference for the Knowledge/Guide. I can easily take it out and this will still be a valid Guide. You can't really say that since you posted a skill section everyone is copying you. I took the information straight from IAH website only with the addition of the lvl increments that was taken from your guide.

You know what, forget it I'm just going to take it off. It's not really needed. And I don't want to breach your "Copyright". Info that does not TRULY belong to you to begin with. This is information swarming around the internet, I just so happened to grab it from you.

I don't even see how you can even compare our guides, as I gave them my whole PERSONAL experience with Knights in CBT, while you just gave commentary on the skills, which there is nothing wrong with. You shared what you thought of the skills, I shared what I thought of the class as a whole. How I played them and what I thought of them and how to improve them. Also gave insight of what to watch out for when playing a Knight as it is not all sunshine and rainbows. And every knight who has played CBT can agree with me on this. It's enjoyable, but really not early bloomers.

Kotarou 05-18-2009 02:42 AM

AFAIK, this kind of information cannot be "copyrighted". If it does belong to anyone, it's the original makers of the game. You can only copyright the way you presented your data, so unless it's really word-for-word copypasta, you're fine.

Also, use the edit button next time.

Kudaranai 05-18-2009 10:56 AM

If you still wish to add the level increment for skills to your guide, I'd suggest using the skill information from the devs (Barunson)'s site. Barunson Interactive - DRAGONICA

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