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qowodhks 05-15-2009 01:05 PM

Warrior Overall Guide
Hey guys!! this is Ataryu
i just read bout the guide event article and decided to right an article bout Warriors
This guide will consist of
-General Dragonica Guide
-General Warrior Guide
-Warrior Skill Guide
-Level Up Guide
-and Other Facts Guide :)
so i hope you enjoy

1. General Dragonica Guide
As you all know, Dragonica is currently a CBT game and is very close to going OBT!! So What is Dragonica?
- Dragonica is a side scrolling MMORPG (like maplestory), but 3d, with much cooler skill effects and many many instances (like PQ in maplestory if anyone has played)

Does it involve hardcore grinding?
- From my game experience, i didn't really grind much and had a fairly easy time getting my 2nd job to a gladiator. Also equips are fairly easy to get since everytime you beat instances, you get equip items and exp potions. (C,D Rank will get you 1 item..... B rank will get you 2 item..... A rank will get you 3 items and S rank will get you 4items.

lol! general dragonica guide is harder than it looks... So.. ill move on to the general Warrior Guide!! :D

2. General Warrior Guide
What is a Warrior?
- Im sure everyone knows what Warriors are but ill explain for the ones that dont know :). Warriors are the one and only jobs that is purely built for tanking. But Don't be so sad that warriors are only for tanking, in dragonica, there are 2 jobs that warriors can change in to, a Knight which are the true tankers, and Gladiators, which is more dmg built. In dragonica, warriors start off with one handed swords and a shield. Knight will use the same swords and shield but gladiator will get some ass kicking two handed swords :)

Which is better? Gladiators or Knight?
- As of now, it is really hard to say because there are no "god like" knights and gladiators in the game. What i mean god like is that there is no high lvl gladiators and knight with ass kicking items so we cant figure out which ones better, but if you are a player who likes to see new skills everytime, i say Gladiators beacuse we get a whole lot more attack skills than Knights. BUT! if you are the players who like many buffs, fast attack, pot saving money making jobs, than knight is the job for you :)

Why be warrior over archers or mages or thiefs?
- Well i believe that warrior is the fairest job of all :P When i see mages, i find them REALLY cheap, their normal attacks attack like 2 times a second and does like 400~600 dmg per second and are able to move while they attack (which makes them really cheap and a boring character). Theifs because i find them a character that are lesser developed :P someting like an unfinished warrior just because they are melee but doesnt have the HP to back them up. And archers.. just beacuse they are boring at the beginning :P

PHEW finalyl done with the general warrior guide. Now to the Skills Guide.

3. Warrior Skills Guide *NOTE ITS VERY LONG BUT ITS WORTH IT!*
Warriors skills consist of knocking down enemies to the floor, making them almost invulnerable since when the mobs are on the ground the cant attack, and the fact that their skills can hit about 13 mobs at once! First of all, I'll Tell you the list of skills you should max out
- Storm Blade
- Hammer Crush
- Blazing Youth
- Ice Cold Heart
- Sword Mastery
The first thing you should max out is ice cold heart or blazing youth and Sword Mastery.
Sword Mastery you always want to learn whenever you meet the level requirement. And for blazing youth and Ice cold heart, you pick either one you wanna learn first. Id say blazing youth altho ice cold heart looks better than blazing youth because blazing youth will burn your enemies dealing additional enemies. The way i raised my skill is that i maxed Sword Mastery whenever i could, learned blazing youth 3/5 times, learned Ice cold Heart 3/5 times, learned hammer crush 3/5 times, and than maxed blazing youth, than ice cold heart than hammer crush. I maxed Storm blade last beacuse during the beginning instances, you really dont need em, all you really need is the 3 hammer skills (blazing youth, ice cold heart, and hammer crush). People sometimes wonder why you max hammer crush over storm blade, well listen, hammer crush when maxed gives 70% stun chances, and it will stun every mob other than the main boss. As you get higher in to the level, there will be a mini boss and a boss in the final map of an instance where you will need to use hammer crush -> blazing youth -> hammer crush -> ice cold heart (repeat) to constantly stun the mini boss so that it doesnt bother you attacking the real boss. While as storm blade dont do anything against bosses or mini boss because they cant be air lifted. When i use Storm blade is when i knock down bunch of mobs by using blazing youth or ice cold heart, than i use the skill Re-Launch which launches knocked down enemies to the air THAN i use storm blade to deal the final damage.

Haha that was very long :)

[/COLOR]4. Level Up Guide
Warriors have a very easy time leveling up. Why? beacuse in the lower levels you can solo the first instances and get a good score.

1~4 Do the quests available in your town (hero path) and kill the mobs in north windia plains

4 ~ 6 Do the very first instance in north windia plain ( make sure you do F1, which has 1 star difficulty) You can figure out if the map has an instance by pressing N than looking for a symbol that looks like a lock

5~7 Do the F2 rating of the instance in north windia plain

6~9 Do F3 rating of the instance in north windia plain, than move straight on to F4 rating of the instance. If you tihnk that soloing takes too long, find a party that says something like F4 party, F4 exp, etc.

9~12 Move on to the next map the Windian Flats. There is a Vega instance map. Which is basically a black version of the Big Bad Wolf, the boss of the very first instance map. YOu may choose to solo the First 2 ratings, but i suggest you find a party to go through F1 to F5, than keep doing F4 party till around 14.

10~15 Move to the West Traitor's Ridge and do the Tutu Instance. You will be able to meet the new mobs such as raccons, bats, orcs :P makes ure you do F1 to F4 first going to a F4 exp party

15~20 i foun the most boring to do :P because lvling gets a bit slow at 18. Move to East Traitors Ridge and grind F4 Toto instance till you reach 20! :| guh you get really bored after awhile :P (when you kill Toto a item called Thieves hidout scroll will drop.. SAVE EM!)

GRATZ!! YOUVE FINALLY HIT LVL 20!!! Go to Port of Winds town and do the job change quest.... You will have to get 20 medals, than kill F4 TOTO -_- guh, than kill farrell.
Tips for farrell for warriors... run... if you try to fight it, you will die -_-

20~24 Use the Thieves hideout scroll, and grind in that map. Its the first map where you will grind where its not an instance. Also there will be a boss there (Tutu) and his not hard since you are able to stun him with hammer crush, and he will drop about 3~5 equips when you kill him

20~26 Go to Bearded Whale Coast and do theinstnace there. you will need to spam Hammer Crush A LOT! beacuse tehre is a mob that dont get knocked down or lifted in air.

And thats as far as i know!! :)

5. Other Facts Guide
- Do all your hero quests (you get titles for it and they are decent titles)
- If you are a gladiator, use the Rookie Hero or higher hero titles because they give atk speed +
- Save up the eternal pots (its cash item but you will get your first one from prize box you get when you start)
-Try to get as much combo as possible in instances. You get more exp, and higher chance of obtaining higher rank :)
-When you look at inventory, you are able to find a icon that looks like a hammer. if you click it and click an equipment, it will ask if you wanna turn it in to a soul, and if you do, you will obtain souls. Use those souls to obtain seal removing scrolls to unseal sealed items.

This has been a warrior guide of Ataryu :) leave suggestions on comment and ill be updating them.

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