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blazingsun01 05-15-2009 08:26 AM

The Hammer Warrior
With this build , you can pass any mission ( big bad wolf , vega etc ) with A's and S's which is good because you can get good items . (tips are included later)

This would be my recommended skills . . .

Blow (lvl 1)
Cutdown (lvl 1)
Stom Blade (lvl 2)
Air combo lunch (lvl 1)
relunch (lvl 1)
sword dance (lvl 2)
Frost hammer (max)
fire hammer (max)
stun hammer (max)

Seriously thats all you need ......

1.the levelng rate from lvl 1 to 5 is very quick ..... so all u have to do is get the stun hammer 1st . You can start to do the big bad wolf mission after getting stun hammer.

2.then you can choose betwen ice or fire hammer . I would recommend ice hammer because you will need to get sword dance which is a good skill to spam .

3.get fire hammer ASAP !! with 3 hammers u can pass the big bad wolf mission with ease .

4.form there you must pump ur hammer skill when u can .

- Follow these tip and u will get a A or higher for sure !!

1.Always use a lower level weapon .... the reason is very simple ..... Low level weopon = low damage = more combo = more chance getiing A or higher . Fell free to change ur weapon when killing the boss . . . you are suppose to end it as quick and painless as possible.

2.DO NOT SPAM SKILL BEFORE BOSS .... before fighting the boss your aim is to get your combo as high as possible . Olso try to avoid getting damage. If ur combo is higher then ur damage its normally gred S .

3.Always hit the ranged attacker first !!( I MEAN LIKE MONSTERS WITH RANGED ATTACK)
this is very important , u can die in a snap if you are not careful . When u get attacked , its stops ur movement and give time for the other monsters to attack .

4.Mini bosses can be stuned , altough they can't drop. follow the sequence and if no monster disturb you , the mini boss can't even touch ur hair !! (STUN>FIRE>STUN>ICE)

5.Don't be greedy and hit the boss mulitple times , once or twice is enough depending on situasion . keep dodgind it attack . the bosses won't move for a while after attacking .

At The end (if i count right) , you got about 145 skill point left . some will invest in mastery , some will invest in storm blade ... it up to you ...... im saving for my 2nd job's skill . (gladiator)
You can max out 2 skills with 145 skill point !! wow !!


lvl 1~5 = North/South windia plains
Lvl 5~12= Big Bad wolf
lvl 12~15=Vega ( feel free to try , i clear mine at lvl 14 solo )
lvl 15~20=Tutu (try get a good blaze item and also sealed item )

Feel free to ask some questions , i will try to answer them .... im online daily !!!
I will try to put some pictures !!

Heikachi 05-18-2009 08:52 PM

This build sounds good in the first levels, (mean 1-20).

When you turn into a Gladiator or a Knight this build will sound like a crazy spam with no need.

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