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xDynastyHoro 05-12-2009 02:40 AM

General Warrior Class Guide & Skill Builds

Warrior, the class which possesses great strength and vitality. You start with higher HP than the other classes, which is a great advantage to us Warriors at the starting.

Being a Melee class puts us in a lot of trouble fighting a group of monsters, but don't worry, the skills will help with this problem.

Okay, i assume that your account is already created. Now, you will start with your adventure in the world of Dragonica. There will be a simple tutorial at the starting with your partner, "Pororing" , who will guide you on many controls. So you don't need to worry on what to start with.

Before you complete your tutorial, there will be a little Hero Quest which lets you fight a few wolves attacking Odellia. After that quest, you will now start your adventure...


Doing Quests is an important thing to do, when you do a quest, you will learn of monsters that you haven't fought before, and brings you to a new place to hunt them. When you do quests, you will get rewards such as equipments and money.

Hero Quests is the main storyline of Dragonica. Hero Quests lets you get on to the storyline and lead you to higher levels. Hero Quests is a MUST !

Skill Build

I am just a normal player, not a high level player, but I would like to share my Skill Build which i found useful in both solo and group missions.

Level 1 : Blow Lv 1 [Auto]
Level 2 : Cutdown Lv 1
Level 3 : Storm Blade Lv 1
Level 4 : Sword Mastery Lv 1 , Air Combo Launch Lv 1
Level 5 : Cutdown Lv 2
Level 6 : Storm Blade Lv 2
Level 7 : Hammer Crush Lv 1 , Relaunch Lv 1
Level 8 : Sword Dance Lv 1 , Sword Dance Lv 2
Level 9 : Flame Hammer Lv 1 , Frost Hammer Lv 1
Level 10 : Cutdown Lv 3
Level 11 : Storm Blade Lv 3
Level 12 : Storm Blade Lv 4
Level 13 : Flame Hammer Lv 2 , Frost Hammer Lv 2
Level 14 : Flame Hammer Lv 3 , Frost Hammer Lv 3
Level 15 : Storm Blade Lv 5 [MAX]
Level 16 : Flame Hammer Lv 4 , Frost Hammer Lv 4
Level 17 : Sword Mastery Lv 2 , Sword Mastery Lv 3
Level 18 : Sword Mastery Lv 4 , Sword Mastery Lv 5 [MAX]
Level 19 : Flame Hammer Lv 5 [MAX] , Frost Hammer Lv 5 [MAX]
Level 20 : Hammer Crush Lv 2 OR Sword Dance Lv 3

Result :

Lv 1 Blow
Lv 1 Air Combo Launch
Lv 1 Relaunch
Lv 2 Sword Dance
Lv 2 Hammer Crush
Lv 3 Cutdown
Lv 5 Storm Blade
Lv 5 Sword Mastery
Lv 5 Flame Hammer
Lv 5 Frost Hammer

Comments on Skills

Blow : Quite a good skill in knocking down monsters, good in PVP too, but i don't recommend adding any other than 1 as it has low damage.

Cutdown : DO NOT LEAVE IT AT LEVEL 1 !!! If you leave it at level 1, you can't do an air combo with it, the monsters are launched back up but not high enough to do an air combo. I put it to 3 instead as it will be launched high enough to do an air combo. It is a good skill as it can re-launch BOTH fallen monsters and standing monsters.

Sword Mastery : Increases your attack damage by 70 when maxed. Not a large amount but still quite good. I suggest adding this until 5.

Storm Blade : Ah ! This skill is the best skill that can be found during the early stages. SUPER HIGH DAMAGE !!! Even when it is level 1, it does a whole lot of damage. MAX IT !

Air Combo Launch : This skill is one of the skill which initiates an air combo. Other than that use, none other. So just add it to 1.

Re-Launch : Useless skill, cutdown is better in all points than this skill. Just add 1 for this to unlock Sword Dance.

Sword Dance : A good skill for PVP. Finally we got a long range attack !!! Throws your sword at the monsters, does a considerable amount of damage, but just a bit more than Blow only. Good for the PVP kind who hates spending time chasing their opponents.

Hammer Crush : Stuns the opponent at a certain rate. Lower damage than the other two Elemental Hammers. Do not max it, max the other two Elemental Hammers instead. But, overall, this is good for hammer spamming with the other two Elemental Hammers.

Flame Hammer : This skill is good for hammer spamming monsters. Theres a 70% chance to burn the monsters, although the burn does little damage. MAX IT !

Frost Hammer : Same as Flame Hammer, this two skills are like brothers. Good for hammer spammng monsters. This skill is a little bit better than Flame Hammer, not the damage but the effect which is 70% chance to Freeze the monster and reduce the monster's movement speed, attack speed and defence. MAX IT !

Class Advancement

At level 20, you will have a class advancement like the other classes. Two paths will be available for you, Knight & Gladiator. Knight is more balanced compared to Gladiator as Knight can equip shield for better defense but Gladiator gives up the chance of using the shield to get much more higher attack damage. Knight is good at tanking and Gladiator is good at dealing major damage. So, choose your class !

To do the class advancement, you have to go to Port of Winds and find the Warrior Instructor. He will give you a gas mask and a quest which consist of three parts.

- Hunt for 20 quest items at the Bearded Whale Coast.
- Complete Toto Mission Quest 4 Stars at East Traitor's Ridge.
- Defeat Farrell at his lab.

To enter his lab, you must go to a sewers and wear the mask to prevent getting poisoned. Oh, and stock up enough potions to survive !
The best way to complete it is to find a party that is high leveled or join a party of those who are also completing this class advancement.
A series of obstacles await you in Farrell's mansion. There will be 5 rooms, and you must kill the Boss Monster in each of the rooms to obtain a key to enter Farrell's lab.

Comment : Farrell is Easy To Kill. Do not be scared of him !!! For us warriors, do a Hit & Run tactic to get Farrell down. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHT FARRELL HEAD ON !!! His attacks are painful !!!

At the end of the quest, you will need to meet the Warrior Instructor again to become a Gladiator/Knight. The instructor will give you a Skill Reset to reset all your skills you have previously added. From then on, you will decide on what skills should be kept and what skills should be abadoned.

End of Guide

After you completed all the quests, he will give you a skill reset item to reset all your skills. What you add after that is up to you to decide. You will now face the stage where you will fight stronger monsters and difficult quest...

Thank you for your attentiveness in reading this guide. I wish you luck on being a professional in the world of Dragonica. Oh, and please leave feedbacks on how to improve them. Don't forget to rate this guide too !!!

Kreig 05-13-2009 12:00 AM

sword mastery isnt really worth it since it adds so low dmg, get it if your a knight and its not good get both element hammers. 1 is good enough. your going to be spamming frost/flame hammer-> stun hammer.

xDynastyHoro 05-13-2009 12:52 AM

thx for your opinion, i feel that sword mastery adds some attack only but it will be useful when in low levels , 70 attack can differentiate a kill or not. but in the later stages, 70 attack may not be as useful but it still helps. the elemental hammers are because both frost and flame hammers does more damage than the hammer crush and they could spam Frost->flame->crush. first to decrease defense, second to burn, which is not too important but for damage and after frost and flame the monsters will stand back up use crush to stun them and use frost to knock them down again.

Well, thats what i think about it =)

Kreig 05-13-2009 01:02 AM

when fightining mini bosses, the stun doesnt last long enough for all 3 hammers,

xDynastyHoro 05-17-2009 06:42 PM

Well, that skill build is for the benefit of 1st Job only. After that the Instructor will give you a Skill Reset to reset all your skills in 1st Job, so you can change whether you want to keep the skill or not.

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