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Default fighter build

Level 2 -- Cutdown LvL 1

Level 3 -- Storm Blade LvL 1

Level 4 -- Air Combo Launch LvL 1

Level 5 -- Hammer Crush LvL 1

Level 6 -- Storm Blade LvL 2

Level 7 -- Blazing Youth LvL 1

Level 8 -- Hammer Crush LvL 2

Level 9 -- Storm Blade LvL 3

Level 10 -- Blazing Youth LvL 2

Level 11 -- Hammer Cursh LvL 3

Level 12 -- Storm Blade LvL 4

Level 13 -- Blazing Youth LvL 3

Level 14 -- Hammer Crush LvL 4, Air Combo Launch LvL 2

Level 15 -- Storm Blade LvL 5

Level 16 -- Blazing Youth LvL 4

Level 17 -- Hammer Crush LvL 5

Level 18 -- Air Combo Launch LvL 3

Level 19 -- Blazing Youth LvL 5

Level 20 -- Air Combo Launch LvL 4

Final skills:
Storm Blade LvL 5
Hammer Crush LvL 5
Blazing Youth LvL 5
Cutdown LvL 1
Air Combo Launch LvL 4

Finally, the draft Fighter skill build is out. After much deliberation, I have given up on the branch
towards Icecold Heart. Hammer spamming would be nice but we can't have the best of all 3 hammers.
There wasn't enough SP to go around. This skill build was built with the assumption that the total SP gained
from level 1 - 19 is 380. This skill build retains the objective of the previous one, which is to bring out the
killing skills as early as possible. Storm Blade, Hammer Crush, Blazing Youth remains the skills to use in this
skill build with Air Combo Launch coming in later to boost up the damage when doing air combo.
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