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xrevolutionx 05-11-2009 03:57 AM

gladiator build
Level 20 -- Grizzly Power LvL 1, Acceleration LvL 1 (refer to note in quote)

Level 21 -- Advanced Sword Mastery LvL 1, Annihilation LvL 1

Level 22 -- HP Recovery LvL 1, Dashing Blow LvL 1

Level 23 -- (RESET) Hammer Crush LvL 5, Cutdown LvL 1, Grizzly Power LvL 1 & 2, Acceleration LvL 1, Advanced Mastery LvL 1, Annihilation LvL 1,
Incoming Bro! LvL 1, I'm Gone Bro! LvL 1, HP Recovery LvL 1, Dashing Blow LvL 1, Aerial Blow LvL 1

Level 24 -- Advanced Sword Mastery LvL 2, Gamble LvL 1, Annihilation LvL 2

Level 25 -- HP Recovery LvL 2, Stumblebum LvL 1

Level 26 -- Grizzly Power LvL 3, Wrath of Earth LvL 1, Incoming Bro! LvL 2, I'm Gone Bro! LvL 2

Level 27 -- Advanced Sword Mastery LvL 3, Annihilation LvL 3

Level 28 -- HP Recovery LvL 3, Stumblebum LvL 2

Level 29 -- Grizzly Power LvL 4, Wrath of Earth LvL 2, Incoming Bro! LvL 3, I'm Gone Bro! LvL 3

Level 30 -- Advanced Sword Mastery LvL 4, Annihilation LvL 4

Level 31 -- HP Recovery LvL 4, Stumblebum LvL 3

Level 32 -- Grizzly Power LvL 5, Incoming Bro! LvL 4, I'm Gone Bro! LvL 4

Level 33 -- Advanced Sword Mastery LvL 5

Level 34 -- HP Recovery LvL 5

Level 35 -- Incoming Bro! LvL 5, I'm Gone Bro! LvL 5

Level 36 -- Wrath of Earth LvL 3

Level 37 -- Wrath of Earth LvL 4

Level 38 -- Wrath of Earth LvL 5

Level 39 -- Stumblebum LvL 4, Annihilation LvL 5

Level 40 -- Stumblebum LvL 5

Final skills:
Grizzly Power LvL 5
Advanced Sword Mastery LvL 5
HP Recovery LvL 5
Acceleration LvL 1
Wrath of Earth LvL 5
Stumblebum LvL 5
Annihilation LvL 5
I'm Gone Bro! LvL 5
Incoming Bro! LvL 5
Aerial Blow LvL 1
Dashing Blow LvL 1
Gamble LvL 1
Hammer Crush LvL 5
Cutdown LvL 1

This skill build can be linked to the Fighter skill build by removing Air Combo Launch LvL 2 - 4 and saving the SP for later use and reset at level 23
when the primary killing skill of Incoming Bro! and I'm Gone Bro! are unlocked.

My skill build attempts to maximise the Passive skills for Gladiators and at the same time get the killing skills out early.
If we had reset at level 20, there is no problem with skill points allocation for the start. However, resetting at level 20 would result in
difficulty leveling from 20-23 (until Gladiator's Incoming Bro! and I'm Gone Bro! are unlocked). The skills maxed in this skill build results in
only 3 skills used from 1st job, focusing them on Gladiator skills instead, therefore there would be insufficient SP to do a hybrid.

Level 32 onwards had a shortage of SP to distribute between the skills available. I went for Incoming Bro! and I'm Gone Bro!
based on my experience in the Preview. I was using these skills more often than Wrath of Earth, hence I didn't mind that Wrath of Earth came in later.
Moreover, I'm Gone Bro! is the skill to use on the bosses in Mission Maps. Lastly, Annihilation at level 4 had an output of 25% which I felt was good enough.
Therefore, I chose to max it only as the last skill at level 40, just before fighting Lavalon.

With the current skill build, I expect the fight with Lavalon to be something as follows:
Using Hammer Crush, Incoming Bro!, I'm Gone Bro! Wrath of Earth to mass kill the minions for the Mana Bullet.
After firing the cannon and knocking Lavalon down, it would be spamming Annihilation, I'm Gone Bro!, Annihilation, Wrath of Earth, Incoming Bro! (repeat)

koldazzboi 05-16-2009 03:25 PM

Nice Build, but some descriptions would be nice making it an actual Guide. Cheers

Heikachi 05-18-2009 08:49 PM

No Aerial Combos?


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