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Default Lavalon video

I believe some of us have seen the blog entry by [CM]Kaye, on the renewed Lavalon version. It looked scary, there's no doubt that fighting Lavalon will be more challenging for all of us in future.

Check out the blog entry here: Swanky New

I found a video showing how the fight would look like in the new version:

Owner ("báby小姿)of this video has requested for viewers not to tag the video in their blogs / download it. Please respect the decision of the original author of this material. Owner reserves the right to request the removal of this video at any time.
*HTML code disabled*


This video has been posted here for the viewing convenience of users of this forum and I do not claim rights over this video. Actual boss may differ from the one seen in video.

Another video found by Kenzai over at IAH forum Enjoy!!:

*HTML code disabled*


P.S. Click on the link to view the video through the player. Embedding using HTML code has been disabled here.

Credits to Toffeerollx from AnimeSuki

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