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Default Spitstix's Recipe to Success for Thieves, Jesters and Harlequins

Change from a Helpless Thief to a Handsome Harlequin (No, I am not a sexist)

Spitstix from Elga presents to you a compact guide for all you lazy readers.

Jesters/Harlequins are the funniest class in Dragonica. They have the most odd looking skills such as Exit, Moonwalk, Windmill and the Cossack Dance. I won't say they are the strongest or the weakest. To me, this class is unique.

Leveling Guide
Leveling is fastest in mission maps. Plus, you also get rewarded for your effort. Find a party and head down to these mission maps:

Level 1-5 Big Bad Wolf
Level 5-10 Vega
Level 10-15 Orc Bro Tutu
Level 15-20 Orc Bro Toto
Level 20-25 White Tooth
Level 25-30 Alvida
Level 30-35 Artis
Level 35-45 Sambaba
Level 45-55 Owl
Level 55-60 Chaos Valid Reath

Skills to Take

Skills from level 1-19 (Thief)
Aerial Frenzy 5/5
Air Combo Launch 5/5
Cut Down 5/5
Rocket Punch 5/5
Nosel Tuning 5/5

Use reset skill scroll (1-19) before turning level 20

Air Combo Launch 1/5
Aerial Frenzy 1/5
Cut Down 3/5
Rocket Punch 5/5

Your main damage dealer skill is not your Thief skills anymore but Thief skills are rather a supplement skills to further support your Jester. That is why for Aerial Frenzy, you will only need (1/5). Aerial Frenzy is more of a skill to help you buy time for your other skills to cooldown. Cut Down starts to launch your enemies high up at (3/5). Therefore is sufficient there. As for Rocket Punch, max it for a higher rate stun chance but Nosel Tuning is not needed as you only need the stun not the damage.

Skills from level 20-39 (Jester)
Exit 1/1
Burrow 1/5
Rolling Stinger 1/5
Final Decision 5/5
Upper Screwdriver 5/5
Claw Mastery 5/5

Burrow, the most important skill for a Jester. Use it to dodge, run, evade and surprise your opponent. (1/5) for Burrow, since upgrading it won't do any difference. Rolling Stinger only need to be at (1/5) for stun locking. Final Decision and Upper Screwdriver are your main damage dealer skills due to the fact that this skills are fast and have big aoes. Claw Mastery at (5/5) for increased damage.

Skills from level 40-60 (Harlequin)
Moonwalk 1/1
Stance 5/5
Windmill 5/5
Seven 1/5
Aerial Kick 5/5
Sonic Boom 1/5
Judge Dread 2/5
Provoke 5/5
Cossack Dance 5/5

Stance also similar to Claw Mastery is a must max skill. Windmill and Cossack Dance are another addition to your damage dealing skills which can clear both mobs and players out of your way fast. Max provoke for another higher rate stun skill. And last but not least Aerial Kick which is your biggest aoe air launcher skill, is a must have.

PVP Techniques

Jesters rely alot on their burrowing skills. You need to be quick, agile and cunning when playing a Jester. Some of my most used combos:

Stun Lock (Effective against Oracle, Warmages, Myrmidons and Harlequins)
Burrow > Rocket Punch (Success Stun) > *Final Decision > Rolling Stinger > Final Decision > Rocket Punch (Success Stun) > wait for cooldown > Continue back from *

If your Rocket Punch failed to stun the second time. Don't panic, just Cut Down while your enemy is getting up and wait below with a Final Decision to continue back your combo.

Finishing Combo (For stylish kill)
Final Decision > Rolling Stinger > Final Decision > Rocket Punch (Success / Fail Stun) > Cut Down > wait below and catch it with a Upper Screwdriver > Aerial Combo if he/she is still dangling with abit of life

Sorry I haven't figure out a combo for Harlequins yet as I have just only reached level 40. But the stun lock combo is good enough for me to kill players 13 levels higher than me when I was still a Jester. Just remember, when playing a Jester or Harlequins, don't rush. You study your prey first just like a panther.

Stats For Jester/Harlequins

For PVE, AGI and ACC equipments are the best and should be your priority.

For PVP, VIT and ACC equipments is your only main concern. You may claim you need more damage not health but a dead Jester/Harlequin deals no damage. You need more VIT to survive. ACC is for you to hit Assassins and Trappers easier.

That's all from Spitty...
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