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Default Complete guide from a lvl 1 thief to a lvl 60 harlequin

Hi everyone, the name is MoonTide and I am going to guide all you young thieves how and where to train to be a jester and finally after that a harlequin. Before I start this thread is done by me and any attempt to take credit for it will be invalid however you may post this thread elsewhere
Before we begin, let’s answer this simple yet very often asked question> Why Jester?

Okay, based on my experiences Jesters are the KINGS of pve (Player Versus Environment) and you will face no problem finding a decent party for lvl-ing. Jester also has great AOE (area of effect) skills which means they can take on a big group of monster with ease. This mean you’re lvl-ing days are made easy however are jester only good in pve? The answer is No. Jesters are equally deadly in the pvp rooms with a dead lock at their disposal they can cause a devastating blow to the enemies’ team

The Assassin /Ninja class
Alright, Assassin is basically your worst nightmare in pvp as they can do shadow walk (turn invisible) and arm with deadly daggers however they are not as good in pve as Jesters are as they have very limited aoe skills. They are often kick or isolated from parties and lvl-ing would seem like a drag however this class is NOT to be underestimated.

So before you read on, it would be better if you’re deciding on which class you’re going to go for.
First I would like to wish you congrats upon deciding to be a jester. Jesters are funny people who bring the joy of laughter to other and with unique skills give this class its speciality which is OBITERATION to all joy-killers (A.k.a Elga the evil dragon)

Okay, now you just created your little thief and you just hit the begin button.
Aright If you’re feeling like > OMG NOW WHAT? WHAT MUST I DO? WHERE DO I START?

First you’re be doing your first hero quest which is saving the chief’s daughter from the Vicious wolfs. Just follow the guide line given and you be fine. Alright time to introduce mission’s maps or more commonly known as MMs. What are Mission Maps? Well basically they are maps where you have to go thru number of stages from 1 -4 and in the end will be a boss to kill. In order to pass each of this stages all monster/mob on the map must be eliminated. After defeating the boss each player and yes you can go in these maps as a party (max of 4 people) or you can go solo will receive a rank of D, C, and B. A and the highest S. The rank is based on the amount of combo points your party is able to obtain. The higher your total combo points the higher your rank.

The calculation of combo points
50 combo = 3-4 combo points
50-70 combo = 6-8 combo points
70-100 combo = 8-10 combo points
100-150 = 15 combo points (which is the max)

The reward
Wooooo after all that hard work it’s time to receive our just rewards muhahahah.
The rewards can be in various form for example it can be in form of equipments or exp potion to boost one’s Exp bar.
MMs are the faster method of lvl-ing from level 1-20 so here are the maps in which these can be found and the level requirements you will need.

Level 1-5
North Windia Plains – Boss = Big Bad wolf
Recommends = 1 person
This boss is relatively easy to kill; I would suggest the use of normal attack, the use of the Blue energy blast by pressing “Z”.

Level 5-9
Windia Flats – Boss = Vega (a vicious black wolf stronger then the big bad wolf)
This mission map is hard to take on alone hence a party of 3-4 would be best
This boss is more difficult as it has more hp compared to the first and a mini boss who happens to be the big bad wolf.

Level 10-15
West Traitor Ridge- Boss Tutu (an huge Orc wielding an Axe)
Same as the above its best to go in with a party (recommends magician as they are good damage dealers)

Level 15- 20
East Traitor Ridge – Boss Toto who is related Tutu
Same as the above, however beware of its spinning axe which can be deadly as once trap you’re good as dead.
Congrats you’re now finally ready to change job from a simple thief to a crazed Jester! Simply proceed to the town by the name of Ports of Wind and visit your job instructor located on a roof left from your Home.

The job instructor will ask you do complete 2 simple quest first which are completing stages in the Mission Maps of Whitetooth. After completing these two quests ah ha! The hard parts begin. Your job instructor will request you defeat Dr.Farrel the mad Scientist who is located also in Port of Winds. You will receive a gas mask and in order to survive the poison air of Dr.Farrel’s lair. This is not easy so I would recommend help from a higher level character as you will need to obtain 5 keys from 5 mini bosses before facing Dr.Farrel and these mini bosses are not easy as well.

Oh you did it! You finally defeated that mad man and now you’re ready to embrace the life of a Jester!
Okay I know new jobs means new skills. So here you go

Passive skills
Claw mastery – Adds 125 attack power when using a claw (recommend to max it) I mean who does not want more damage?

Motion Capture – Ads 14% evasion rate and decrease 10% of incoming damages (optional as this is mainly for the purpose of pvp) Note this skill only works when Mind reading is activated

Active skills

Mind reading – Increase evasion rate (optional as it mainly use for pvp) its comes with an upgradable skill which is Motion Capture

Exit – Turn into box to escape a dangerous situation (recommend to learn in order to unlock “burrow”)

Burrow – Burrows into the ground to hide, consumes 3mp per sec (highly recommend for both pvp and pve as you can dodge bosses attacks and escape unwanted damages)

Rolling stinger – Electrify up to 7 enemies dealing awesome damages at the same time disabling your enemy. A must learn skill to disable your enemies while your Final decision cools down

Final decision – Cast a quick spinning attack damaging both fallen and standing enemies. This a must learn skill as it will still be used even when you’re a harlequin

Upper screwdriver – Cast a dragon like attack upwards giving awesome damages but what is best about this skill is that it can continue with aerial frenzy.

Hyper Strength – Increase STR by 10 when maxed

Intelligence – Increase INT by 10 when maxed

Alright now for the next step which your goal should be reaching level 40 to get your third job as a harlequin. My suggestion would be

Level 20-25

Bearded Whale Coast – Boss = WhiteTooth (a Crazy Shark with a Gun)
Recommends going in with a healer and jester to obtain good rank

Level 25-30
Steven trading post – Alvida ( WhiteTooth’s pcyho girlfriend)
Recommends Battlemage to freeze all UN stun able crabbies.

Level 30-35
Mirinae Sanctuary – Boss Artis (a scary looking knight in dark armour)

Level 35-40
Chaos Beared Whale Coast – Ahh something new. Alright something new, chaos maps are tradable via devil soul stones obtain by hidden maps mobs. A certain amount of stone is required trading for the map however that is not all. To be able to hit the mobs in chaos maps the void must be obtain with 20 devil soul stones. What is so special about this map?

Well for one its drop Weapon Powders and the exp are far way better however high Accuracy is required

Valid Reath – Sambaba (a Giant Ogre who uses a dead wolf as club)
This MMs is usually a regular for level 40 and above however a level 38-39 can try

Congrats you now reach yet another stage whereby you will undergo a change! First you will need to talk to Pablo in Libra. And you will face the monstrous fire dragon known as Lavalon! Woooo its scary I know but it’s not as hard as it seems with a well experienced party you can defeat it with ease.
And here is a complete preview of harlequin’s skill tree, take note the following thread is NOT MADE BY ME and I take no credit however it’s the best preview I could find.
Jester & Harlequin Skill List (Updated) - Dragonica Official Forum

Alright back to the levelling guide.

Level 40-45 I would suggest you stick with Sambaba

Level 45 -50 I would suggest Chaos Hero Decent or Owl (required level 46) in forgotten forest
The trick about owl is that you should grind on the mobs during the boss stage (f4) and not kill the boss as the mobs gives good exp and the re spawn is not bad.

Level 50 -55 I would suggest Owl and Chaos valid Reath with the Acc of 150 above

Level 55-60 I would suggest Chaos Valid Reath and Chaos Smoldering Swamp.

Okay for a harlequin pvp build for those pvp lovers
I would suggest VIT build as you’re gonna need all the Hp you need because unlike other class harlequin has very limited defences skills.
My pvp Combo > Final decision, rolling stinger, final decision, upper screw driver and aerial frenzy
Another tip to catch enemies is using Windmill (level 3) as you can move

I hope this guide helps
DONE BY MoonTide of Elga server
Level 5x Harlequin

Last edited by Lilith; 09-23-2009 at 08:22 AM.
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