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Default Thief -> Jester -> Harlequin Guides

Thief - Jester - Harlequin skill List :

Leveling Guide Make sure you get a party first! [MM = Mission Map]
Lv 1 - Lv 5 : [ Big Bad Wolf - MM]
Lv 5 - Lv 11 : [Vega Wolf - MM]
Lv 11 - Lv 15 : [ TuTu - MM]
Lv 15 - Lv 20 : [ ToTo - MM]

Lv 20 - Lv 25 : [ Captain White Tooth - MM]
Lv 25 - Lv 30 : [ Alvida - MM]
Lv 30 - Lv 36 : [ Artis - MM]
Lv 36 - Lv 40 : [ Sambaba - MM]

Lv 40 - Lv 45 : [ Sambaba - MM / Chaos Map - Hero Descent ]
Lv 45 - Lv 50 : [ Mimir King Bubo - MM]
Lv 50 - Lv 60 : [ Mimir King Bubo -MM / Chaos Map - Smoldering Swamp ]

THIEF Skill Build : [Most Important and Useful Skills During Lv 1 - 19]
Air Combo Launch Lv 5/5
Aerial Frenzy Lv 5/5
Cutdown Lv 5/5
Re-launch Lv 1/5

Try to use Cutdown or Air Combo Launch and followed up by Aerial Frenzy and Re-launch and Aerial Frenzy again to make higher combo to get S Rank in Mission Map.

Use the Reset Scroll that u get from Gift Box during Lv 19! [80%-90% Experience]

After Reset .. Build This Skill :

Air Combo Launch Lv 1/5
Aerial Frenzy Lv 1/5
Cutdown Lv 1/5
Rocket Punch! Lv 5/5
Re-launch Lv 1/5
Vitality Lv 0/5 or 5/5
Dexterity Lv 0/5 or 5/5

When u Reach Lv 20 .. Go Port Of Wind find Job Master to change job to Jester!

Skill Build for Jester :
Exit Lv 1/5
Rolling Stinger Lv 1/5 or 5/5
Claw Mastery Lv 5/5
Burrow Lv 1/5
Mind Reading Lv 5/5
Final Decision Lv 5/5
Motion Capture Lv 5/5
Upper Screwdriver Lv 5/5

Ariel Frenzy is useful for PvP. But, it is also useless if some of the player's computer are slow working or lag in the game. It is so hard to combo! So try not to used it in PvP. You can use Final Disicion, followed up by Rolling Stringer, Final Disicion and Upper Screwdriver. Try to hide them if they can rolled up after dropped on the floor and find a chance to do the same skills again.

Try use Final Decision then Upper Screwdriver and Final Decision again in Killing Monster! Try use Upper Screwdriver before the monster Knocked down after you used Final Decision!

To change to Harlequin on Lv 40 .. you Must do all Hero Quest to get the Lavalon Quest from Pablo - Libra

Skill Build for Harlequin :
Moonwalk Lv 1/1
Stance Lv 5/5
Windmill Lv 5/5
Sonic Boom Lv 1/5
Judge Dread Lv 2/5
Seven Lv 1/5
Provoke Lv 5/5
Aerial Kick Lv 1/5 [ Useful in PVP for making Air Combo ]
Cossack Dance Lv 5/5

Strategy :
Try to party with Magicians and Warriors.. Magicians skills are painful and they can heal all the party members. Warriors can spam their AOE skills to knocked down and def down the enermy. It is useful for PvE and also PvP.

Video for PvP and MM : YouTube - dragonica harlequin pvp
YouTube - Dragonica Online Jester pvp 4 - QuarK
YouTube - Dragonica Jester gameplay

Thx EternaLEnVy and Cornflake for Ideas!

Harlequin Lv 5x

Hope this Guide is Helpful
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