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Cool I'm lv 32 Jester in CBT - I tell you want skills are good

So I been playing Jester lv 32 now and its a really good class, I just thought I say what skills are good and what are bad from my playing experience.

I been reading what all these people are saying, and they ether never played Jester or totally have no idea what skills are actually good.


Jester Skills
Claw Mastery lv 5 - MAX this its a good passive.
Exit lv 1 - Required for Burrow, skill sucks you never use it....

Burrow lv 5 or 1 - MAX this or leave it at 1, people under estimate this skill, you can HIDE 4 EVER!

Not only dose it hide you but also drops argo from monsters and protect you against any damage, even AoE attacks boss makes but you need to time it right, you want to get S rank or just go AFK in dangerous areas or even be a CHAT bish, this skill is a must

The key to Burrow and missions is to (attack, burrow, attack, burrow), and you never ever get hit, even if your in a party, when you burrow you never get argo from boss, your other team players will but you never get it My Mana bar has over 2,500 Mana points, I can stay Burrowed for like 15-30min, so no it does not drain MP like you think it does.

Jester Skills
Rolling Stinger lv 1 - this skill sucks, lasts too long and locks you down in place and you cant move, basically its a death trap (Death Wish), might be good For PvP, but all you need is 2 AoE skills.
Final Decision lv 5 - Best Jester skill MAX ASAP!
Upper Screw lv 5 - Another best Jester skill MAX this ASAP! This will be your first skill you cast on mobs then followed by Final Decision, why? Read the skill text Hint: Fallen enemies!
ESP lv 1 - up to you, lasts 15 sec, not really a useful skill.
Motion lv 1 - Buff to ESP!
Hyper Strength lv 5 - Great buff that lasts for 15min and raises your attack power, the way I see it, the more power you have the faster you kill, the more EXP you gain, ALSO if you have 2 Jesters and both of them cast this buff, it stocks giving you 20 STR, now that's a lot
Intelligence 0 - Just spam MP pots, or put Extra points for more mana.

Thief Skills
Vitality lv 1 - required for Dex.
Dextery lv 5 - Read what I said about Hyper Strength, I'm not sure what Agility dose in this game, but if it raises Evision rate (Makes MISS MISS MISS), this is good to have at 5, and it stacks if you have 2 or more jesters in party.

In Conclusion Jester is the best AoE class I have seen in the game so far and really fun to play and hunt for items

Nano.. Nano.. Nano..

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