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Mrk 05-12-2009 01:09 AM

Mrk's Thief Guide
Table of Contents
  • Stat Build
  • Skill Build
  • Equipment
  • Leveling Guide
This is how a thief looks like.

Basically, you don't have to worry about your stats because it is automatically added once you level up.
Another way to increase character stats is by your equipment and by buff skills.
STR (for damage), AGI (for evasion), VIT (for HP, not sure if it adds def) is your main concern.
INT is useless since you get a lot of MP.

2 builds for making your life easy as a thief are as follows;
1. The Sky Thief.
2. The Land Thief.

The Sky Thief
(Recommended for AoE *****s)

Air Combo Launch Lv5
Aerial Frenzy Lv5
Cutdown Lv3-5
Double Attack Lv1-5
Vitality Lv1
Dexterity Lv5

Air Combo Launch > Aerial Frenzy > Cutdown

The Land Thief
(Recommended for soloers)

Air Combo Launch Lv1
Cutdown Lv1
Rocket Punch! Lv5
Nosel Tuning Lv5
Double Attack Lv5
Vitality Lv1
Dexterity Lv5

Normal Attack 5x > Rocket Punch!

Claws are the main weapon of thieves.
Set items are recommended because they give out effect bonuses once you complete 2-6 items of the same set.

Lv1-8 Big Bad Wolf @ North Windia Plains.
Lv9-12 Vega @ Windia Flats.
Lv12-17 Tutu @ West Traitor's Ridge.
Lv17-20+ Toto @ East Traitor's Ridge.

Once you hit 20, you may get your job change quest from <Master Thief> Cyndi at the lower right part of Port of Winds.

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