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Cornflake 05-11-2009 12:44 PM

Thief - Jester: Skill Guide
This guide deals primarily with basic attack strategies I will not be discussing buffs other than to say add the damage increases.

Starting skills:
Dash Attack: Tap forward twice to run and while running hit the attack button. Often useful in connecting combos with separate enemy groups can be used during early bosses for hit and run combos.

Charge Attack: By default this is hold Z. Only useful when the enemy is using a locked position skill and you can't approach.

Skills for Theif (level 1-19):
5/5: Air Combo Launch
5/5: Cut Down
5/5: Ariel Frenzy

The strategy:
Launch stuff into the air with Air Combo Launch or Cut Down then proceed to either combo them in the air with Ariel Frenzy or use down+attack until they stand up. This can be repeated easily, but be wary of ranged attackers.
You can add rocket punch with your remaining skill points for a ranged/stun attack; however air combo launch - dash attack - cut down - repeat provides better and generally safer damage for bosses. This skill is not very useful on ordinary mobs.

Skills for Thief (20-39):
Using your skill reset from job advance use the following Thief skills:
1/5: Air Combo Launch
3/5: Cut Down
3/5: Ariel Frenzy

Ariel Frenzy will no longer be a damage dealer as Jester but can still provide extra air time for avoiding attacks and quick combos.

Skills for Jester (20-39):
5/5: Claw Mastery
1/5 or 5/5: Rolling Stinger
5/5: Final Decision
5/5: Upper Screwdriver
1/1: Exit

Pretty straightforward. Focus on increasing claw damage and multi-target attacks.

The Strategy:
Rolling stinger is moderately useful however it's slow and locks you during activation, but points can be added because you'll have a lot left over. Because this move immobilizes you for a long period it is not recommended during boss fights or around monsters with a longer range than your attack.
From levels 22-27 Final Decision will be your primary damage dealer in combination with Air Combo Launch or Cut Down, it's fast and provides easy combos. You can easily get over 70 combos in MM now which usually results in everyone getting S rank.
Upper Screwdriver is the highest damaging of the Jester skills and has a good AoE range it can easily combo with Final Decision to annihilate groups of mobs. Anything that is left after an Upper Screwdriver can be finished off by using Aerial Frenzy.
Exit is only useful in limited scenarios and it will prevent you from taking damage as you move in to a group of strong mobs for your combos.

kaeja 06-28-2009 08:54 AM

nice now since the cap is going to be increased on the USA release to lvl 60 do you have any info for past lvl 39 :)

Cornflake 06-28-2009 09:39 AM

I've been planning to update this for a bit. I was just unsure if anyone was using it. I'll try to have some more information up over the next few weeks.

Spihp 06-28-2009 11:19 AM

Uh I used this guide for my Jester in PBT for Thq.

kaeja 06-30-2009 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by Cornflake (Post 879723)
I've been planning to update this for a bit. I was just unsure if anyone was using it. I'll try to have some more information up over the next few weeks.

yeah seems like good info to me ill be using it so yeah thanks for replying :)

Ruron 07-21-2010 09:13 AM

I'm wondering if 3/5 in Cutdown is necessary? Because when i use my Cutdown 4/5 on my thief, i find it extremely hard to get them in an Aerial Frenzy. Maybe you use Cutdown with some jester skill? Otherwise i wouldn't take any in it at all, or max it.

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