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Ventryx 03-09-2012 10:10 PM

Dragon Saga constant crash!
Hey guys,

I recently downloaded Dragon Saga and I've only succeeded to play it twice after numerous attempts. The game doesn't seem to work at all. I always get one of these 3 problems when launching the client; I press start and nothing opens, I press start and the game freezes at the Gravity Games Logo (this is the most persistent problem!) or "Dragon Saga (I/N) has stopped working" right after I try to log into the game.

This has really been annoying me and it seems that there are answers on Warp Portal's forums, but they are under maintenance at the moment so I cannot consult that source. If anybody here would help me I would immensely appreciate it. Thanks!

What I have tried:
Renaming patcher2 to Patcher and deleting the original patcher
Deleting and re-patching
Running as administrator
Running in compatibility mode
De-fragmenting my registry
Restarting my computer
Banging my keyboard as hard as I can

If anybody has a working fix I would be forever grateful. Thanks again in advance :)


holaboo 01-09-2013 05:40 AM

I had a friend with similar issues and they were caused by anti virus software and various drivers on his computer. As for me, the game work but everytime I enter a new town and the cinematic plays, I can only hear the sound and shortly after my game crashes. Minor problem though compared to yours

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