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Grand Fantasia
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Grand Fantasia



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07-06-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Post ur Char xD

well idk if any1 still goes here but feel free to post your character o.o

I'll start off with one >_>

PiStory(RIP)| Lvl 38 Mage - lvl 23 Fighter - lvl 22 Newbie - lvl 16 Cleric
~~~~~~~~Moolight~~~~MoonCurse~~~SinXMoo~~~~Solarli ght

Holic(RIP)| ArcherMoo lvl 36/24/11 Hunter/Warrior/Priest ~ SinXMoo lvl 19/17 Rogue/Mage ~ AzureCloud lvl 9 Monk
Dragonica CBT(over)| LostStar, Lvl 28 Hunter
Dragonica IAH, Kaye(current)
LostStar lvl 43 Archer - Circlular lvl 66 Arcanist - Curer lvl 44 Oracle - Myrte lvl 53 Myrmidon
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