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Mega 01-22-2010 12:02 AM

Which version?
I played this game in cbt/obt and I'm pretty sure it was with IAHGames. I went too look for it again and noticed there's a million different versions of it now, and I was wondering which one I should play.

With IAHGames I remember lagging so I want to try out either THQ*ICE or gPotato.

Anyone know if one of these companies are much better than the other or anything?

(P.S. Did they ever release the secret classes in IAHGames version? I remember there was a Bard, a doctor, and 2 other ones.)

Nihil679 01-22-2010 03:04 AM

THQ is NA, I think.
gPotato was EU.

Pick the closer one?

prison 01-22-2010 05:21 PM

yeah, THQ is North America they are in Cali :P
gPotato is indeed EU and of course SEA is IAH

I played SEA/THQ (SEA:Lv40/THQ:30) They are both really similar except many monsters/etc are renamed. most things are the same actually. One major thing is that cash items give stats( usually quite a lot..)
But THQ isn't laggy at all (For me at least)

Mega 01-22-2010 05:23 PM

Hm I'm on EST coast and tried THQ but it was lagging like hell........went to IAHGames one again (which is the one I did the OBT on) and didn't lag at all lol....

Reinshiki 01-23-2010 04:23 AM

Maybe IAH's servers are better for some.

And to my knowledge, secret classes aren't released on IAH's version yet.

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