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Default Oracle Guide : PvP and PvE (Lvling/Boss)

-This guide has been edited just for this occasion
(New edits - Patch)
-(constantly updated at MMO site)
-Check there for newest updates

-Lvl 60 Pure PvE Build
Most skills you don't even need and are rarely usable. The below guide for 40+ PvP build works great for PvE too. There actually isn't really a big difference except maybe 200-400 dmg diff between a PvP and PvE. - not much at lvl 40+
Copy/paste the link below

-Lvl 39 and below PVP build- not recommended but if you're just itching for pvp below Oracle status, here's you're build.
-copy/paste the below link

-High not recommended since there are a lot of skills that you
If you're not going to heal your teammates when they have around only half of their hp, then don't become the healer. Most other characters are better against mobs. You'll probably be doing the most damage to the boss only, but don't just focus on the boss and not heal your teammates, if they die, you'll end up killing it slower anyways. Heal only takes a second. Also in which order you want to max things is totally up to you, and some are pretty obvious. Most skills points can be shifted around, you just have to have the main skills maxed (I make it pretty clear in descriptions)

That is what your skill build should look like at lvl 19. You should get a lvl 19 scroll reset scroll from the gift box item around lvl 15 but it's not needed. You can put some points into the Fortress (cannon) skill to play around with it, and then use the skill reset if you want. At lvl 20 save your skill points till you advance to Acolyte.
You get another skill reset scroll after the test, save it till around lvl 26, that's when you get instant heal. After skill reset, just take out the heals from 1st job and leave air combo at lvl 1.
After the skill reset, skill points have to be taken a little more seriously now.
I do both PvP and PvE. I've played with other characters and nothing annoys me more than when the Healer.....doesn't heal. If you choose to become an Oracle, then heal your damn teammates, not just when your own health is low.
At lvl 39 this is my build.

As I do both PvP and PvE, this build is pretty much an all rounder.
If you don't PvP, don't put any into Witch's Curse, Flasher, or Detect. They're pretty much useless in PvE. I do suggest to not pvp until at least 35. Lvl 40 best to start though. This is why I haven't maxed most of the pvp skills. Oracles actually die pretty fast below lvl 40. Never 1v1 archers.
Mp recovery increase -Not worth the skill points for the amount of mp recovery.
Wide heal - with cast time and range, not good enough.
Sanctuary - Only useful during Boss maps in Missions. Lvl 4 is good enough.
Instant heal - Must Max
Revive - There is no reason to get it above lvl 1. You revive more people but, what are the chances that people are going to die in the same spot, the range is ridiculously small. -=Tip=- Cast instant heal right after revive or else that person will just end up dying right after.
Diffusion Cannon - Your main attack, must max.
Lightning Strike - I've seen a lot of guides that says this is good, but you end up realizing that you're almost never going to use it unless you're soloing. In this game, you're almost always going to party up. You'll also realize that Meteor is more useful in that, you can jump around and use it. In PvP however, it's a little more useful, people almost never see it coming. It's very random and instant, so when someone is chasing you or you're chasing them, you can cast it to knock them down.
Flasher Frog and Detect are all PvP skills. Detect the hiding, frog and flash everyone else. At lvl 4 they already almost always works. Switching between frog and flash is totally up to you. I personally only cast flash on people when everyone is pretty much in a mob spamming skills, cause if you cast frog, they'll just unfrog upon being attacked. I cast frog on people offside. If it's more than 1v1, I suggest you just leave that person frogged, and gang up on everyone else and come back to him. The main combo is Frog, Detect, Flash, spam normal attack (3 shot), repeat. Even as an Oracle, these will be your best PvP skills.

(From lvl 1-40 this is mostly a PvE build as PvP really starts to get fun at 40+)
At lvl 40 go take the Lavalon test, if you can, try to get an Oracle in there. As an Acolyte, you'll die for sure if you get hit by his Flame Breath. I did hear about something that I have yet to try. There is a 9 min countdown for revive at Lavalon, at exactly 7:30, if you push revive, you can revive yourself. -Not sure.
If you can't find one, just stay on ends, his flame doesn't reach there. If you can stand to wait, do unlimited key run. Again, there is a skill reset scroll. I actually used it as soon as I got it. Here's the build for lvl 60 (since 4th job isn't out yet I allowed it to level 60 since Chain Lightning requires lvl 60 to max.)

You're only gonna need focus from 1st job. Magic enhance adds 100dmg at maxed. Not even noticeable at higher lvls. And it's technically only 80 more dmg to max it, since you need it at lvl 1 for focus. The other skill attacks aren't good enough. Slow heal great for PVP.

explanation for the changes after Oracle

All attack skills from Acolyte are useless. You may wonder why Double shot and not Diffusion Cannon. Well it only takes 1 to max it. Also, it does more dmg, it's a lot faster, and it has a longer range. Plus, it hits 2 monsters with 2 shots, that's 4 hits if there's more than 1 monster.
No Sanctuary because of HP Restore. It heals more as you level up and when you get better gear (based of mattk) rather than a set 500 hp for Sanctuary, plus the long cooldown time.

Most Oracle Skills are pretty much Self Explanatory.
Barrier - Max this and its passive. You can end up running through missions at higher lvls, and it can tank pretty well at boss maps too. Great for solo Set Item Hunts. Switch off Perfect seal and barrier, and you'll end up taking no damage for the majority of the time. Usable in PvP but it won't be that helpful since it probably will end up only taking 2-3 attacks.
Perfect Seal - Love it. You can't use any skills at all in this but you can use normal attack.(wrong description I guess, or maybe bug?) Just make sure to do your buffs before casting it. Incredible for soloing and it's cool down in comparison to it's duration is just great at maxed. I don't suggest using this when you're in a party as some members may end up dieing. For other bosses such as Lavalon, it's okay to use it since, If someone is going to die in maps like's going to be from a 1hit ko. So you can't do anything anyways. You can always revive after this skill ends, there'll be time. In PvP this skill should only be used as a last resort. Like if you have low life and a Trapper just cast rain arrow, even if you dodge it, it'll still hit you and then probably get launched and die. As soon as you see the ring, cast this and it'll keep you alive till you can make a comeback. Don't use unless it's a last resort. You'll end up not supporting your team and dying.
Staff Mastery - Great
Striking - Not worth the skill points for the bonus and the duration is very short.
Blessing - Pretty good buff, at max it lasts long enough to last through Mission runs.Cast time is also pretty fast. Although other skills are more worth it. Also it becomes really hard to notice the difference.
Chain Lightning - It's pretty weak. Not that useful in PvE but usable. Since you have no mob control skills, this comes in very handy. In PvP this can end up holding up the other team's characters for as long as you want. Note that characters like Paladin who can block can get out of this. If you can chain the majority of the opposing team's members, your teammates can come in and take them out. Amazing PvP skill.
Hp Restore - Useless in PvP, if you're into hardcore PvP. In PvE it's also pretty hard to use it if you don't know the range for it. It ends up healing a lot of hp and it's great at Mission Bosses so you can stop worrying about your team mates hp for 25 seconds
Cure - I think lvl 1 is enough, unlike most other games, it already has a 100% success rate
Arch Sanctuary - Only really useful in PvP, as other characters tend to run out of mp rather quickly. Usable during the boss though, but it's more for fun than anything else. It doesn't heal a lot of mp though.
Double Shot - This is what makes Oracles have the best dms. Crazy good.
Enchant - I actually was disappointed to find out that this wasn't one of the skills available in the IAH Server. I have no idea about other servers though.
Quagmire- Since the patch this has become more useful since dash/jump block is now in effect. Leave it at lvl 2 if you ever decide to put points into it (I recommend taking out point from blessing for this). And also up the passive of this. Lvl 2 because, it actually eats up a LOT of mp. Also the cooldown ends up being too long at max.

Once at Oracle, the only main difference I can think of between a PvP and a PvE Oracle is Slow Heal. You can also shift some points around in the Frog/Flasher area, but I can't find any other skills worth putting points into. Flasher is also occasionally useful against minibosses.
If you're never gonna PvP, then, no frog, flasher, detect, slow heal, quagmire/muddy mud.
This build doesn't make you lvl any slower in PvE actually, it's still a great build and you have all the important skills for PvE.
Right now this is without a doubt the best build, unless they update the patch which changes the effects of the buffs or other skills, right now this is your best bet. If you choose to spend points into the sanctuaries and the buffs instead, it's not gonna make much of a difference if any at all, since they become rarely usable and are sort of ineffective.

Oracle PvP Style (mine at least)
Do jump dashes a lot, emphasis on JUMP dash, not dash jump. It's harder to hit and less predictable.
Main Combo : Frog, Detect, Flash, Quagmire, Spam normal attack (make sure to time it right before flasher ends, test this out by counting the number of hits you can land before they unfreeze, I can get about 12-14), then frog again. With luck you can lock them.
One you've gotten them with quagmire, cast it whenever the cooldown ends, you can non stop quagmire them like this, so even if your frog misses, you have a huge opening to frog again. And if frog DOES work, then they can't jump and move really slow in frog mode so it's easier to flash/detect.
That however is just the main combo, don't only go for the kill when you get in a frog. If someone is chasing you, quagmire is one of those really quick delay skills, like Myrmidon's BRO skill. Once cast, it will show up like 1 second later, also instant. So when you're dashing away, quickly land one of these and the opponent will most likely fall into that spot chasing you, then go in for a frog/flasher, up to you.
If frog fails, then do flasher, if that fails, do frog. The cooldown is low enough to pretty much alternate spam them. Once you've got them where you want them, go back to the main combo.

-If someone is running away from you, you've got them beat. If they dash jump from your spot, you can dash and flash them. Learn the range for this though. It's pretty easy to get use to, but does require a lot of skill also.

- If you can't find an opening in a opponent, take the risk. Leave an opening for the opponent to lock you or attack you, and once they're close enough, cast a frog. If you're lucky, you'll take the hit, but they're become frogged, and you can start from main combo. - One of my favorite tactics against harlequin and warmages- (some warmages are fairly good at dodging your skills, so leave an opening for them to use blizzard or lightning ball and frog them, you may get hit by it, but hey, take the risk! )

Oracles - just a lot of luck and skill. Lvl also plays an important role.
Warmages - Probably the easiest for you to beat (for me anyways). Learn to predict their attacks, since they have no evade, they are perfect targets for frog/flash. The only problem in killing a warmage is probably the time limit, if they have good gear, and are a couple of lvls higher than you. ( so far I can kill Warmages about 8 lvls higher than me, anything more than that, I don't have the time to kill them, but I don't die either :P)
Ninjas - Below lvl 49 you should have no problem with them. They can't combo you to death yet with their damage, unless they are a stun ninja. There are almost none of those though, so you don't have to worry much. Also their sleep rate is pretty low at that lvl. Above 50, Ninjas dominate, not much you can do. Their evade high and block rate is high too, so your best luck is to just keep behind your team to support them.
Harlequin - Oracles best enemy. They are on pretty even terms. Once you're locked, you're dead. Once they're frogged, they're dead. Skill plays the most important part in this. My best advice would to be wait till they miss one of their skills, since they all last a while, and go in for a frog/flash.
Paladins - 1v1 you can't really do anything. They have a lot of life so chances are one of your frog/flash is gonna miss and he's gonna escape out of your lock. All he has to do is lock you once and gg. In team though, you should frog the paladin, and come back to them later. Luck is needed to beat paladins.
Myrmidons - Good match. If they're a lot higher lvl than you they can probably ko you with their tornado moves, but if you're on equal lvls, they're combos are easily stopped and you can lock them fairly easily.
Rangers/Trappers - You're worst nightmare. Both have naturally high evade and 1 launch = dead. 1v1 you can't kill them unless they really suck.

In short
Good against : Warmages, Myrmidons , (below 49 ninjas)
Even against : Oracles, Harlequins
Bad against : Trappers, Rangers, Paladins, 49+ ninjas

I'm a hardcore support oracle though, you'll win a lot more matches supporting your team than aiming for the kill. A lot of people aim for getting the kills and totally leave their teammates to die and end up losing. Really agitating. Unless you're the highest lvl or can solo everyone on their team, play support, and more team matches instead of 1v1.
For support, you rarely attack, you mostly - in order of importance- Heal, Flash, Frog, Chain Lightning, Quagmire.
Chain lightning is your best stun move to stop an opponent from comboing your team mate. Like if an Archer locks them in the air, you can use this to stun them to let them escape (has a higher acc rate too) Also, a GREAT lock on anyone without evade if you time it right. People who are frozen/frog can jump out of this when they turn back so beware. Tell your teammates not to launch/knock down when they are all locked. This really does require a lot of skill to use though, since it has a casting motion, it is easily avoidable. The best times it has worked for me is when you flash 1 person, the other person comes to save, and you lightning them both in a straight line. so even if 1 of them jumps out, you get the other one, and bam, locked.

Some tips for you.
Enchant everything you wear to at least +4. Armor enchants are cheap. Easy to find at HD. Weapon enchants get it to +4 too. Unless you're rich, then get it to however high you want. But they do have a chance to break after that. Save the rest for Enchanting Lavalon Weapon, get insurance scrolls. I only save soul craft for special items like lavalon's flame ring or lavalon's weapon. I sell the rest of my souls for Cash ---> Insurance Scrolls. And I only soul craft until Special, after that, the success rate just becomes ridiculously low. (For special items like Lavalon, Enchant only to +3, although it may be really low, it can break from +3-+4. Use insurance starting there)

Equipment Stats
Don't bother with Str
Int is obviously something you want a lot of but I went for 30%int 70%vit(1int=about 4mattack, not much, it adds more mp than dmg, but oracles don't need that much mp anyways since their main attack is a normal attack spam. If you happen to get sets and get the mp recovery bonus though, go ahead and go hardcore 100% vit). Vit will keep you alive longer, you need it.
Vit, you want a lot of this for instant heal. You need this to stay alive since mages don't have a lot of hp to start with, and you don't have a mp shield (heal based off of hp, also good in PVP as you get a good health bonus there)
Agi isn't bad, if you find something with it, it's better than regular or something with str. Gives some ACC and Evade. (About 6-7agi=1ACC and about 4agi=1evade) From my experience, agi doesn't effect attack speed or crit rate. You're attack speed it based more off of how good your computer is. Test this out by using your guild buff, to see if you attack faster. If you don't notice any difference at all, and you see other oracles attacking faster than you, then it's most likely your computer. If this is the case then just improvise by getting In The Name of The Guild Medal instead of Continental Explorer, and a oracle hat instead of white tooth.

-Try to get everything to special-

Advance Weapon - Acc
Advance Armor - Vit
Advance Wings - Acc

Special Weapon - Acc + Vit
Special Armor - Vit + Int
Special Wings - Acc + Vit

Artifact Weapon - Acc + Vit + Int/Mattk (I'd prefer int for the mp bonus along with the dmg)
(Alternative) Artifact Weapon - Acc + Acc + Vit (Weapons can add acc in direct and % meaning it can add +10Acc and also + 5% acc)
Artifact Armor - I would save the souls for the accessories and weapon. Vit/Int are already great in armors. But if you must, just go with AGI for the acc bonus.
Artifact Wings - Acc + Vit + Int

Set items really start to shine starting at the lvl 47 one.
There are 2 options I highly recommend
-5 Parts Chaos set and the 6th one should be a 1part set item like Elluman's Crown or Burlunes Mask
-6 Parts Chaos

Attack speed = more important than mattk for you.
The item that all Oracles strive for is White Tooth's Hat.

You're definitely going to want some ACC items. I suggest saving necklaces, rings, belts, etc. for ACC items. Since they add about the same as Armors Does and also, Armors give a much higher bonus in Stats like Int and Agi than accessories does. The main reason for getting ACC is because your normal attack is your main attacks. Skill attacks has a higher chance of hitting a monster or opponent, if you don't get acc, you're gonna end up missing, even if your lvl goes up. (Don't need to start until you can wear Swift Items about lvl 36)


(Learn to combo for the xp boost, honestly the best way for Oracles to combo from 1-60 is to just spam the normal attack, At lvl 45 however, to raise up your combo count, you can do chain lightning)
The first few levels are pretty simple since you lvl really fast
(For all runs, f4 is fastest for lvling, you don't really need set items until about lvl 27)
1-10 do all your quests and hero quests are a must to job advance (require completion of all hero quests up to your lvl to advance). You can solo pretty fast so you don't really need to find a party until about lvl 7. A easy way of knowing when to switch off to the next mission is to follow the level limit set on the mission map. You can do this up to about lvl 35. Save your plain wood and horns as there will be really annoying quests later that will require them. Around 10-15 do tutu runs and do your daily monster hunter quest and guild quests to give your xp a little boost, also for the best badge in the game, In The Name of The Guild.
15-20 do toto runs. (from 1-20 try to not get any warriors in your party as they will slow you down and destroy the combo count.
At lvl 20 go advance and then do White tooth runs till about 26. Around now you start find set items that may be useful, but it's much simpler to just check the trades and buy them since they're pretty cheap and you'll save a lot more time selling items for money and buying them instead of hunting it. Save up on your Hidden scrolls from White Tooth as you will want to hunt him later for his hat.
Now go do Alvida runs till about 30ish. After that, go to Mirine Sanctuary and do Artis Runs. (Occasionally go to the hidden map you got from Artis to get devil soul stones and also you can make a lot of money plus the xp is decent here) You'll be here for a pretty long time since lvling becomes a little hard now (you'll find most xp pots add about 1 whole percent, so godly) Stay at Mirine till 37-38. (Start seriously thinking out your gear now)
You can now go to Sambaba and try to sneak in with a Low Lvled F4 Runs Party. Try to get battle mages and harlequins.
At lvl 40 go advance and join 40+Sambaba parties now
Stay at Sambaba till 45 or 46. Now you should start doing Chaos Maps, do Hero's Descent, and stay there for the whole duration of the time capsule, make sure to find a decent party and to make sure that channel is empty before going in. You can also do the missions to find Chaos Sets although the xp won't be as good. You can continue to do HD runs to lvl since it's fairly fast xp but I get pretty bored. HD gives great xp though from lvl 45-49. Hardcore lvling go there. at lvl 45-49 I got about 30% per run, and a 1-2% friend xp bonus try to get only harlequins and war mages. The one who kills the most should be in line 4, 2nd most line 3, 3rd most line 1, and the slowest killer should be line 2.REMEMBER TO ADD THEM FOR FRIEND XP! Also start doing the Monster Hunter quests at Vella. The quests it gives out later gives a massive amount of xp. You can also start doing the Chaos version of Vella around 50. At about 50 you should pretty much be all set. There are a lot of places to train. You can start doing aram to get your lvl 55 weapon, and CSS(chaos vella, still great exp). Lvling other than chaos is really hard now so just have fun with it, party with friends and switch between different missions, chaos, and Lavalon/Aram to keep it fresh. From 55-60 though, Chaos elluman provides great xp. If you do the chaos runs, HD-CSS-CElluman-----45---50---55. You'll be lvling really steadily. Still about 30% per run, great huh?

don't advance and keep doing Lavalon Runs till you get 3 hearts....or more to get rich (I don't really suggest this though) ( you get 3 keys from daily quest now, more than enough keys to go around, also no more unlimited keys)
If you can find a party, go do Owl, great xp.(since the patch, owl is no longer an option since he moves around now)
You can go to Grand Hall also - great money. (this has also been taken out)

-Till White Tooth, kill all the mobs first, as they don't respawn until White Tooth
Both Wolves - The only annoying attack they have is the howling thing they do that knocks you down, all I have to say for this is, to stand your ground, hold the attack button, and get ready to tap the jump button to roll right up (works great if you're against a wall)
Tutu - All of his attacks are easily dodged since they have a big giveaway. The best way to dodge is to dash up/down. Try to have 1 person distract vegabond while the rest kills Tutu.
Toto - Only 1 attack is different from Tutu, he spins for a long time in on spot and is almost an instant kill. If you get hit by it, try to roll away if you can (if you're on the edge of if you might get away) Whenever he swings his body to one side, he'll start doing this attack so dash jump away. If he misses it though, you'll be able to do a lot of dmg to him without getting hit. Same with Toto, have 1 person distract miniboss.
White Tooth - Have a battle mage or harlequin focus on the mobs while everyone else lures him to the bottom left and kill him. Watch out for his net, it gets really annoying, but volt tackle can move you a little so you can get out of the mobs way. Dodging his blue magic bullet is highly recommended since it does a lot of damage. His miniboss is easily taken care of since it can be knocked down.
Alvida - The only attack that hurts is the one where a symbol appears on the floor and fishes (or what they seem like) rain down on you. It's obvious so just dodge it.
Artis - Everyone should jump to the right as soon as it starts. Set up a Sanctuary here and just keep attacking him. Every once in a while, just knock all of the mobs down and continue.
Nightlord/Bahamole are weak and easy bosses, no explanation needed. Their maps are horrible for xp also. If you're looking for exp, DO NOT TRAIN THERE.
There really isn't any strategy starting at Sambaba. Most people just run to a corner and spam attacks on the boss there. Since you're going to be busy concentrating on damaging the boss, healing, and it just gets insane, you won't really have time to dodge attacks.
Lavalon - He aims his head at the direction he will be firing his breath. (only attack worth worrying about, since it can ko you) So pay attention to his head. Also, start loading the bullet when he's firing in another direction so he interrupt you. If you have it, use barrier and perfect seal before bullet loading so his breath and the meteors wont hit you, only the floor slap can stop you. Most people have an instinct to grab the bullets, but if you can help it, let characters who can cloak load the bullets as they won't get hit like ballistas and ninjas. (If you can, try to find a paladin with a clock, and a ninja or 2 to spam daggers. They will destroy Lavalon incredibly fast)
Aram - So many 1 hit ko. You're going to have to stick to him and use perfect seal to tank his missiles. Either 2 oracles to switch off perfect seals, or An oracle and a paladin. Tank-Heal. And any 2 damagers. This is probably the most useful place an Oracle can be. They're a must in a party for Aram.

- -skill simulator
-Guide by Culinary-
IAH Kaye Server

Last edited by Culinary; 10-23-2009 at 01:04 PM.
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