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Wystner 09-23-2009 06:18 PM

Anyone want to do Hookuh F3 + F4?
Recently started the game on the THQ version and soloed my way up while doing all the quests.

I'm a level 21 archer right now, and I need to finish F4 for my job changing quest. Soloed through the first two stages okay but the combination of auto-spawning + starfish summoning + boss healing is too much for me :py19:

Here's the problem: The only internet connection I'll have for the next week or so is dial-up, or my neighbor's unstable unprotected wi-fi. I absolutely can not do a four man party. It just lags and lags. So I basically need one person to help me duo these two stages.

It's a bit tedious and inefficient so no random person in-game wants do it, but if you're interested drop me a PM. My in game name is Algerie. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Got it done. But if any one wants to 2 person anything just PM me. Though if the future are levels are more annoying I doubt I'll be seeing much of that @_@

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