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MagicHunter 05-22-2009 05:57 PM

Fast Leveling / Overall

Hi all, I decided to make a guide for lvling as well as a little of everything else.

I'm sorry, this is my first time. I'm really bad at making guide, i'll try to reorganize everything again once open beta starts, so i can get some screenshots.

First of all, I played in the Chinese Dragonica, and when I start playing the English CloseBeta version, I did not get that far.
Therefore, I don't know a lot of names for places and monsters in English.

MM <-- means Mission Map
For me, as I level, I do all the Hero Quest. Which means, I won't move onto the next MM until I finish the previous MM F5 (F5 being 5 star)
This is good when you reason Lvl 40 for job change =) (Or else you'll have to do all the Hero Quest at lvl 40....)

Leveing Guide:
This is more base on Mage.
  • Level 1~5 (Big Bad Wolf MM). Get the Hero Quest and start from F1 (1 Star) all the way to F5
    By the time you finish, you should be around lvl 5

  • Level 5~9/10 (Vega MM). Same as above, start from F1. and repeat F4 for lvling/items

  • Level 9~14 (Orc Bro Tutu MM).

  • Level 14~18 (Orc Bro Toto MM). I Party and F4 until lvl 18.

  • Level 18~20 (White Tooth MM =P) I find this place lvls a lot faster than Toto F4 hehe
  • Around Level 25. Go to Farrel place again, and train in the 3rd room ~~
    Now Job Change! =)
    (Will continue this later on)

- I don't know much about warrior because I never tried it yet.
(I will revise the Warrior section once I have a chance to try warrior XD)

Sorry about that....

Magician (Done I think)
- In this game, Mage pretty much has the fastest attack speed for normal attack (Same speed as Archer).
- Mages are able to shoot 3.5 fire balls per second AND can attack while walking.

Skills: (Descriptions from IAHGame). Lvl 1 skill descriptions.
  • MP Potion Maximization (Passive): Increase all MP Regeneration effects by 10%.
    - Lvl 1. (To activate the next skill) I don't find this useful, all you need to do is drop MP pots.

  • Point Buster (Active): Attack up to 5 standing or fallen enemies and launch them into the air.
    - Lvl 1. However, if you like to launch monster into the air. Feel free to add this skill.

  • Regenerate (Passive): Every 3 secs, recover self HP by 3% MATK for 30 secs at Lvl 1.
    - Lvl 1. If you like waiting for your HP to be full and not wanna waste Money on Pots. This isn't bad...... lol

  • Air Combo (Passive): Jump and fire an electric bolt at enemies in mid-air.
    - Max. I use this all the time right after "Meteor Fall" skill.

  • Re-launch (Active): Attack up to 5 fallen enemies and launch them into the air.
    - Lvl 1 as well.

  • Magic Enhancement (Passive): Permanently increase MATK by 20.
    - Max. (+100 MATK). I would recommend maxing this. Makes your normal ATK a lot higher as well as your skills. However, after reaching lvl 20. you might wanna re-skill and not add this.

  • Meteor Fall (Active): Drop a small meteor from the air, attacking up to 5 standing or fallen enemies.
    - Max. This is a skill that all Mages will use pretty much for a while. It ATKs both on-ground monsters as well as standing mosnters. (I use this with Air Combo).

  • Fortress (Active): Turns into Cannonhead and blast up to 5 enemies.
    - Lvl 0 or Max. Pretty useless. However, this is for another build. (You can Max this if you are not planning on adding any other atk skills).

  • Focus (Active): You gain 4 INT and 8% MATK from the avatar of Buddhi. Last 900 secs.
    - MUST Max. No matter what type of Mage you are. This skill will be Max. Adds your MATK by %~~ (You can turn off your "Buddhi Head" inside "Menu"

  • Self Heal (Active): Consumes 10% of your Max MP, as well as MP for the spell, and heal yourself for (MATK + 60) HP.
    - Lvl 0 or 1. I have it at 1 Because Don't like drinking 2 Pots. All I buy is MP Pots, for HP I use this skill. (Mage only has a little hp. using this skill pretty much recovers most of it).

  • Cannon Upgrade: Up the damage of each Fortress cannon.
    - Lvl 0 or Max. If you have "Fortress" Max, max this too.

  • Bullet Acceleration: Incease Cannon Atk Speed by 20% at lvl 1.
    - Lvl 0 or Max. Same as above.
Messed up with your skills?
At Level 19, make sure you use your "Rookie Re-skill Scroll" Because at lvl 20, you won't be able to use that scroll. However, you'll get another one from Job Change.

"X" = ATK
"C" = Jump
"⇒" = Next.....
↑ ↓ ← →

When I see a bunch of monsters:
~~ C (Not too high) + ↓ + X ⇒ X X X.
(Jump+down gives you Meteor, and monsters will fly up into the air. then press X right the way. which will use Air Combo on monsters.)

If you got lots of MP try this:
~~ → → + X ⇒ ↓ + X X X ⇒ C + ↓ + X ⇒ X X X ⇒ ↓ + X X X
Dash Atk, Ground Atk, Meteor, Air Combo then Ground again.

S Rank:
Mages isn't hard to get S rank like everyone said.
1) Mages are ranged. Get hit less = Higher S rank chance.
2) They can atk while atking. Their combo can last longer because of this. (Usually Dash Dash Jump can get you go the other set of Monsters. And normal atk right the way to continue the combo

- Thief one of the hardest to train Class from 1~20 (Solo) =)
- Killing Boss usually takes longer for Thief (Solo)

Skills: (Descriptions from IAHGame). Lvl 1 skill descriptions.
  • "Hidden Skill" kinda but not really.
    Hold "Z" until the bar is full then release. It has the highest damage our of all your skills.

  • Air Combo Launch (Active): Attack up to 2 enemies and launch them into the air.
    - Max. Launches 6 enemies into the air. Very useful. Important part of Thief Combos.

  • Aerial Frenzy (Passive): Hits 2 airborne enemies with a vicious spinning attack. The more times you press Attack, the more the hits.
    - Max. Pretty much all thief uses this skill..... Simply jump right below any monster that's already in the air and press ATK and Hold it.

  • Cutdown (Active): Delivers a downward smash in mid-air, attacking 2 enemies and re-launching them into the air.
    - Max. Good for combo as well =) (This launches monsters into the air. If you click Jump right the way, you would be able to have a little combo with "Aerial Frenzy".

  • Rocket Punch (Active): Fire a punching glove at 3 enemies in a line, dealing damage and 50% chance of Lv1 Stun effect.
    - Lvl 0. Useless........ For me at least. Atk so slow.

  • Nozzle Tuning (Passive): Upgrade exhaust system of Rocket Punch to increase speed and damage.
    - Lvl 0. Same as above.

  • Somersault Kick: Attack 2 enemies with somersault kick and launch them into the air.
    - Lvl 0 or 1 or Max. I personally don't use this skill. I have it at lvl 1 for Boss.

  • Re-launch (Active): Re-launch 2 incapacitated enemy targets into the air.
    - Lvl 0 or 1 or Max. I Don't use this skill much. Because "CutDown" pretty much does the same thing. (Except this, monsters have to be on the ground)

  • Venom (Active): Release a poison cloud that affects up to 2 enemies for 10secs. Victims will be Intoxicated and lose 15 HP/sec for duration of affliction.
    - Lvl 0. It's effect is less than mage. I find this useless....

  • Vitality (Active): Increases Health of all party members within range by +2 for 900secs.
    - Lvl 1 or Max. (Max gives +10 VIT). Nice PowerUp skill that can add your HP. Last 900 secs NOT 30 secs. NOTE: This STACKS! IF another thief uses this skill and you use it too. You'll add 20 VIT.

  • Dexterity (Active): Increase Agility of all party members within range by +2 for 900secs.
    - Max. (Max gives +10 DEX). Main skill for Thief. Since Thief live with avoidability through out the game DEX is important. Last 900 secs as well. And this also stack with another thief's "Dexterity".

  • Double Attack (Passive): Generates 58% chance to execute extra combo hits at 60% attack power on alternate attacks.
    - Max. Really useful. you'll have this max through your thief carrier.....
Messed up with your skills?
At Level 19, make sure you use your "Rookie Re-skill Scroll" Because at lvl 20, you won't be able to use that scroll. However, you'll get another one from Job Change.

"X" = ATK
"C" = Jump
"⇒" = Next.....
↑ ↓ ← →

- Thief Combos are always pretty high because of "Aerial Frenzy" skill
The Combo I usually use:

~~ ↑ + X ⇒ C + X ⇒ C + ↓ + X ⇒ C + X ⇒ ↓ + X X X (Monster should be dead.....)
Air Combo Launch, Aerial Frenzy, CutDown, Aerial Frenzy again, then ground attack.

S Rank:
- Thief can easily achieve S Rank as well =)
- Because of "Aerial Frenzy" skill, thief pretty much have a high combo rate every time.

For Boss, Thief takes really long solo-ing.
- To not get hit by Boss, use "Aerial Frenzy" above Boss until it finishes using it's skill. Then you use "CutDown" right the way.
- Then use "Aerial Frenzy" again because Boss is about to use another skill. But this time your "CutDown" is still in it's Cool Down. so..... just use Normal atk twice or "Air Combo Launch" or "Somersault" =)

Note: This will take a long time. but you'll get a S Rank for sure. hehe

- Fast atking class. Same speed as Mage's

Skills: (Descriptions from IAHGame). Lvl 1 skill descriptions.
  • "Z" for Anti-Air Shot after you have train that skill. (Only ATKs monster in the air).
  • Moonwalk (Active): Slide back a short distance in battle.
    - Level 0. (Useless. But if you like to slide back a little while shooting, feel free to add this).

  • Moonwalk Shot (Active): Fire arrows while casting Moonwalk. Attacks up to 5 enemies.
    - Level 0. (Useless)

  • Rising Arrow (Active): Attack and launch 2 enemies into the air.
    - Level 4 or Max. (Lvl 4 can launch monster to the highest point in the air already.)

  • Bow Mastery (Passive): Increase attack power by 10 when using bows.
    - Level Max. (For higher damage)

  • Anti-air Shot (Active): Fire aerial shot at 1 airborne enemy, spending 1 MP per shot.
    - Level 4 or Max. (Awesome Combo skill! This is how you get high combos for archers)
  • Shootdown (Active): Fire 3 arrows down on 3 enemies while in mid-air, causing them to be launched slightly.
    - Level 0 or 1.
  • Double Strike (Active): Fire a quick double shot to the front with a shorter firing range than normal attacks.
    - Level 0 or 1. (Anti-air Shot replaced this. New player can have it at 1 for combos).

  • Multishot (Active): Fire 3 arrows horizontally to the ground, attacking enemies in a conical range. If only a single target is in range, all shots will land on it.
    - Level 5/3/1/0. (Best skill for boss. 7 arrows, all on 1 enemy. High damage as well).

  • Re-launch (Active): Attack up to 3 incapacitated enemies and launches them into the air.
    - Level 0. (No need at all....)

  • Rapid Step (Passive): Increases movement speed by +20.
    - Level 0 or Max. (You don't need this before lvl 20 because you are no gonna PVP. However, if you like walking fast..... XD)
Messed up with your skills?
At Level 19, make sure you use your "Rookie Re-skill Scroll" Because at lvl 20, you won't be able to use that scroll. However, you'll get another one from Job Change.

"X" = ATK
"C" = Jump
"⇒" = Next.....
↑ ↓ ← →

- Pretty much "Rising Arrow + Z Z Z Z Z Z......"

S Rank:
- Same style. Rising Arrow + Z, (You get tons of combos)
And since you are range, try not to get hit. MY damage for a Mision Map are usually less than 10 Hits taken from monsters.

P.S. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask. I would add them to first post.

MagicHunter 05-23-2009 12:23 PM

Reserved for future use

Teleclast 06-01-2009 02:38 AM

While the guide is pretty okay, it has it's issues.

1)You HAVE to party to go to Toto at the right level, but that's a given.

Realistically all you need to do to level fast is:
F1->F4 of current MM, then repeat F4
Leveling getting slow? Move to next MM and repeat

As for training outside of MMs (at Farrel) it's not that good experience, rushing Alvida/Artis is better at lvl 25.

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