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05-11-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default How to play dragonica efficiently?

I am a simple dragonica player from Malaysia Kota Kinabalu who played this game since CBT and having a lv23 hunter now. I am not an expert but because i love this game so much, i am here to share something in my mind about playing this game with u guys.

How to play this game efficiently?

Basically what we do most in MMOGs is leveling, no doubt MMOGamers like to leveling fast in the MMOGs they are playing. However, i would like to tell u guys how to leveling efficiently instead of leveling fast to archieve the highest level in the game in shortest time.

1. Select only one character to play 1st. It is best for u to be expert in this game 1st before u start to play a 2nd character.

2. Don't forget to take hero quest and try to complete it when u can. Hero quest is good to lead u in this game about where u should leveling at your level.

3. I know many of the players complain about the lack of rewards from the side quests. Thus, some players claim that it is better to just leveling and hunt items (through the mission reward) by repeating the mission quest. However, as what i see, no harm for u to take 7 side quests of your level at all the time. U can choose the side quest wisely if u don't intend to complete all the side quests. Most of the side quests (especially killing mobs and hunting mob items quest) can be completed automatically when u r doing your grinding in mission quests. Thus, what u need to do is just take the quest and claim your reward when u r back in town.

4. Train your skill. Try to look for a fighting style which suit ur class and urself the most. This fighting style should let u to have more combos and clearing mobs fastest in mission quest (i assume mission quest is the main leveling place of dragonica). MASTER this fighting style well if u want to leveling efficiently.

5. Don't solo mission quest. It is slower and u easily get bored with this game if u play like this. Find party, create one if u can't.

6. Use the best equipments u can get.

7. Don't hesitate to use potions

8. Always remember to refine your equipments, at least to +2 where it is safe.

9. If u r a free time player (u don't need to study or work in real life so u can play dragonica anytime u like), then i recommend u to find out some more free time players in this game and form a grinding team with them. Like this, u guys can do mission quest more efficiently because u guys can arrange ur time to play, improve ur teamwork in mission quest and trade the end mission rewards among urself. These is harder to be done if u r playing with new faces everytime. If u wanna make more friends, just join a guild and be active in guild activities, i believe u can get know to more ppl.

10. Rest. U can get higher chance to become the highest level player in this game if u play this game non-stop for 24/7. However, u will not enjoy the game and just get exhausted for playing this game. Besides, u can't leveling efficiently because when u r tired u can't preform your fighting skill well during mission quest. U will do less combo, kill slower, get killed by mobs, and get less rewards during mission end (due to lower rank). Be a HAPPY player, not a hardcore player.

11. Good luck to everyone. U need luck in game just like in real life.

Thanks for reading, feel free to rate and comment

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05-12-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Simple and somewhat obvious ideals to efficiently play Dragonica. Nonetheless, it's still helpful and acts as a quick refresher course for those who lose themselves to MMOs a little too much, or for anyone new to MMOs in general.

So basically, really simple and easy read, good for beginners. But not in depth and probably not too useful for the general MMO public. Keep up the good work though and have fun in the world of Dragonica


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