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Default Imperium's In-Depth Archer/Ranger Guide


Hello all, and welcome to Imperium's Archer/Ranger Guide! This guide will take you through what skills to level for both the Archer and Ranger classes, what kinds of stats you'll want on your equips, as well as some good areas to train. For the skill sections of the guide, I'm not going to tell you what skills to get at each level; I'll tell you what skills you'll want to max. You won't be able to max a skill right in one level, so just put points into skills as they become available.

Please note: This guide is simply what I did during CBT; the Dragonica classes are very flexible, so there aren't really any "cookie-cutter" builds that I know of. That being said, using this build I was able to get up to level 31 in CBT, and I could only really play for 6 of the 10 days. I'll leave it at that

All builds listed in this guide follow the following format:
<Skill Name> [<Suggested Skill Levell>]
So, without further ado,

The Builds

The Archer Build (Pre-Advancement):

Rising Arrow [5]
Anti-Air Shot [5]
Bow Mastery [5]
Shootdown [1]
Multishot [5]

These are the skills you'll want for levels 1 to 20. I'd worry about Rising Arrow, Anti-Air Shot and Bow Mastery first. The first two instances are fairly simple; you can just take down all the mobs with a Rising Arrow/Anti-Air Shot combo. and the bosses are pushovers Once you get to the Toto/Tutu instances (around level 10 or 11) you'll want to put a point into Shootdown. This skill is useless, but it opens up the path to Multishot, which is an AMAZING bossing skill for low levels. Keep putting points into Rising Arrow, AAS, Bow Mastery and Multishot as you can. Max these skills and your time as an archer will be over before you know it

Archer Build (Post-Advancement)

Rising Arrow [5]
Anti-Air Shot [5]
Bow Mastery [5]

You get a skill reset from the level 15 gift box. You also get a skill reset after doing the Job Advancement. Use one to reset your skills and put points into Rising Arrow, AAS and Bow Mastery ONLY! Bow Mastery raises base attack, and the other two are the only two archer skills that remain useful as a ranger. You'll get a lot of ranger skills in a relatively short amount of time, so don't bother with any other Archer skills. You'll use your remaining skill points on Ranger skills. Spreaking of which...

The Ranger Build:

Skills to max:
Crux Shot [5]
Gatling Gun [5]
H.E. Grenade [5]
Composite 4 [5]
Autoshot System [5]

Other Skills:
Random Shot [1]
Homing Missile [1]
RPG-7 [1]
Accelerator Tuning [0]
Aerial Flurry [0]

The first skill you'll get is Crux Shot. This skill increases the power of your next attack by a certain percent. The only downside to this skill is that it needs to be recast after every attack if you want the extra power. Usually, this skill would be useless. But when you combine it with Gatling Rush, you get a rediculous amount of damage in a very short amount of time. Good stuff

Next, get one level in Random Shot. This skill will help out for levels 21-22, as it makes your regular attack shoot two arrows instead of one, and also raisies your attack by a certain amount. This effect lasts for a minute. The reason you won't level this skill any more is because once you get your other ranger skills, you won't be using your regular attack nearly as much. Makes putting points into this one a bit useless, no?

Random Shot opens up the path to Gatling Rush, which you'll get at level 23. This. Skill. Is. Awesome. At level one, it attacks a mob of 6 enemies 10 times. Good damage, and it gets your combo up fairly quickly. And it only gets better as you level it.

At level 24 you are able to put points into Autoshot System. However, to get this skill you need to put one point into both Homing Missile and RPG-7. don't put any more points into those skills, as your Rising Arrow/AAS attacks do the same thing as these do, just more effectively Autoshot System is a tank that you summon (yes, a tank) that attacks anything within its range. Decent damage, and can hit things that you can't hit otherwise (for example, hitting a monster 10 levels higher than you are ). Useful for keeping your combo going, and at bosses.

The last two skills you'll be able to get are H.E. Grenade and Composite 4. H.E. Grenade is a skill that throws grenades out in front of you. This skill can hit fallen enemies as well as standing ones, so it's quite useful. It also hits multiple enemies. Composite 4 is a passive skill that increases the strength of H.E. Grenade. Put these two together and you get a powerful "finishing move" for monsters that you've knocked down. Also a good idea to chuck a few at bosses for some damaging hits every few seconds.

Once all those skills are maxed, you can put points into whatever skills you want. Aerial Flurry, for example, is a skill that I didn't bother with leveling. It's not a useless skill, but I found that it was a little awkward to use. Some people like it in PVP, and I also hear it makes you semi-invincible at bosses. They don't attack you while you're using it, or something like that.

Accelerator Tuning is useless. It raises the power of a skill that you don't use. Just leave it.

Ideal Item Stats:

The main stat you'll want on your items is Agility. This stat raises your accuracy, among other things. Having strong attacks is all well and good, but they're all useless if you can't hit anything with them, right?

Strength, Vitality and Intelligence are all stats that are up to you. Strength raises the power of attacks as well max HP. Vitality raises max HP, and Intelligence raises max MP. All useful things to have, so feel free to choose which stats work for you.

Training Areas:

Instances. 'Nuff said.

Seriously though, do the instances. They're fast leveling, and you get free stuff at the end! Plus, most of the quests you can get can be completed in the instances. Once you've beaten all levels of an instance, go through the F4 a few more times with a party. At lower levels you can get up to 30% a run, and at higher levels you can beast the F4 in under 5 minutes if you have a good enough party.

Also, the bosses of certain F4 instances will drop scrolls that take you to hidden maps. These maps contain very strong monsters that give good exp, and also have extremely high equip drop rates. If you're short on cash or are looking to get some equips for soul pieces, these maps are for you.


*All threads on the Dragonica IAHGames Forums*

Information on Skills (that I did not think to get screenshots of -_-)
Violence ("Arch Haven", which is no longer being updated. Contained info on skills, such as minimum required level, skill points cost per level, etc. "Arch Haven" is now contained in another thread by Pyrofyre, called "Compilation of Information".)
crimsoncube ("Archer and Ranger Skill Trees", which contained information on archer and ranger skills that I used to make my own build.)

Final Words:

So there you have it, my guide to becoming a Ranger. I hope that this guide has been of some help to you. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or just want to discuss this guide, you can contact me through the Dragonica IAHGames forums, I am Imperium there as well.

All information that has not been explicitly said to be the work of others is my own work. Please contact me if you plan to post any part of this guide on any other site. Posting this without my permission will result in the removal of the guide, and any other action to be determined by the admin of the site on which it was posted.
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I'll be sure to use this in about a half hour.
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Thanks ^^ IMO the most useful archer/ranger guide on the site ^^


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