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05-17-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default The definitive Archer handbook

The definitive Archer handbook

Table of Contents
  1. Intro
  2. Skill Information
  3. Skill Build
  4. Leveling Areas
  5. Combos
  6. Equipment
  7. Outro


This guide is a collective work with informaton contributed by various sources both on the forum and in game. It is a simple 'handbook' for Archers to keep in mind, and is not a be-all-end-all guide. As in any game Archers will never have a cookie cutter build, and will change as the game does. Anything you have to add to this guide or any comments you have will be notarized in the comment section that will later be created, so that we can build this guide together. "Nothing endures but change." - Heraclitus

Skill Information

Archer: Unless you're getting Moonwalk Shot, do not waste the points.

Hunter: See MWS(Moonwalk Shot)

Archer: If you want good DPS against bosses, this skill is key.

Hunter: This skill can be a great fill in for any combo, if you have a controller you can setup MW->MWS on a single key, which is handy.

Archer: You start with 1 point in this, get it to 2, leave it there.
AAS hits 3 targets, there is no reason to toss anymore than that in the air. If you train on monsters your level instead of those above your level, you can max it.

Hunter: This skill is useless besides launching things in the air, get it at level 1 to unlock skills, that's all.

Archer: Main leveling skill, max this for the maximum DPS for MMs(Mission Maps)

Hunter: Leave it at 1, just in case someone throws something in the air you can help add DPS. Also great if you just Rocket Launched that mob and it only has a little HP, you can finish it off very fast.

Archer: Can be useful for filler when leveling, if you got MWS(Moonwalk Shot), leave this alone.

Hunter: Useless skill, nowhere near enough DPS, and you have MWS for filler

Archer: Great skill to hit bosses early, you want this ASAP (Besides AAS!) to finish off those pesky bosses early and get to 10 uber fast.

Hunter: Skill is good to hit fallen enemies, but you will obtain others to replace it later on, use it to unlock MultiShot

Archer: The best skil you get for DPS, this is a godly boss killer and will zoom through Tutu/Toto (considered the 'slow' levels before you speed up again). Use this as a 'shotgun' by shooting very close to the target, all 7 arrows will hit them, dealing tons of damage.
Hunter: Still a reliable boss killer, in addition to Wolf Rush to Rocket Launcher, this can be a main boss skill until level 33 or so, and perhaps onwards.

Archer: This skill is useless, no reason to ever touch it.
Hunter: Just as useless, if not moreso.

Archer: Good for a bit of added damage, but it won't add much, your strongest skill (Multishot) will do [(ATK*43%)+120]*7 damage, You're only benefiting 90*.43*7 or 270 damage from it at maxed level, while it can be a significant increase, it's not enough to be life-shattering, sink you EXTRA points into this.
Hunter: If you have something better to put it in that will reward you better DPS, put it there. If not, sink it here.

Archer: Useless, do not bother, it barely increases your speed and is overall useless.
Hunter: Just as useless.

Skill Build

Level - Skill Added (Notes)
1 - Rising Arrow 1 (This is pre-added for you)
2 - Anti-air Shot 1 (ASAP for spamming to get through Wolf/Vega quickly)
3 - Shootdown 1 (Used to get an alternative skill ASAP, to be used on the bosses)
4 - Multishot 1 (Even doing 3 shots, this boosts your damage a LOT on bosses!)
5 - Moonwalk 1 (You have the time now, get it)
6 - Moonwak Shot 1 (Great for Vega/Toto) / Rising Arrow 2 (3 bosses, so it matches AAS)
7 - Anti-air Shot 2 (AAS is still your main MM skill, get it up!
8 - Anti-air Shot 3
9 - Multishot 2
10 - Multishot 3 (2 extra arrows adds a LOT of damage to bosses)
11 - Anti-air Shot 4 / Bow Mastery 1 (Your dump skill, all 'extra' points go in here until maxed)
12 - Multishot 4
13 - Bow Mastery 2
14 - Anti-air Shot 5 (MAXED)
15 - Multishot 5 (7 arrows a lot more damage, MAXED)
16 - Bow Mastery 3/4 (You can add two levels meaning +40 attack)
17 - Rising Arrow 3 (This is your new dump skill, as Bow Mastery will max out next level)
18 - Bow Mastery 5 (MAXED)
19 - Rising Arrow 4

Leveling Areas

Big Bad Wolf Mission Map (Windia North Plains is easier, in front of warrior map)
You better be doing Hero Quests, they will give you some nice stuff (open the gift box, free feathers and potions!) but will also supplement your experience without you having to kill random monsters, everything is done anyway because you grind in Mission Maps!

You should now move on to Vega once you beat Big Bad Wolf F5. By level 8 you should have finished Vega's F5 (doing each Mission once in a straight shot)

You can either continue training Vega F4 until you're level 10, or you can go straight to Tutu, the option is fully up to you, if you want to play it 'safe', go with Vega, if you like a little risk, go with Tutu, better items, and if you do the Missions early you'll start collecting equipment for level 15.

Tutu F1->F5, when you finish that? Grind F4, until you're at least level 16, have a party for this at all times, the maps are long and you start to have to go through four maps for every F4, meaning quite some time if you don't have a party.

Toto F1->F5 with a party. If you can't get a party, go back to Tutu and keep grinding there party or solo. It's hard to get people to go to Toto because most people find it hard to fight the boss AND the miniboss (Toto), you can however choose to F4 and skip the boss once you get it unlocked.

By now you should know the gist of it, Mission Maps, F1->F5 then grind F4. What you're good at depends on what job you chose, more on that in some other guide.


There are really only two main combos that you will be using, combinations of the two as well as a few other skills are very sparse to throw in, but may happen every now and then, with the build I propose you won't get relaunch so you won't be using that, or double strike, this leaves your combos a little lackluster as you use the same thing over and over again until lvl 20, but it's efficient.

Air Combo: Rising Arrow->Anti-air Shot->Shootdown (If some are left standing)
On stronger mobs this combo will work smoothly as you will have Rising Arrow recharged by the time you're done killing. At lower levels this combo is great, Shootdown will fill in the void while Rising Arrow charges if it's not done in time.

Boss Combo: Multishot->Moonwalk Shot(x10 or so)->Repeat
This combo is the best DPS attack for bosses, but you will either be up against a wall and take damage from him hitting you, or you will slowly float away from him which is not good for Multishot as you want to 'shotgun', only good for bosses or being up against walls.


The best equipment you find will be equipment that adds AGI, STR, or VIT, although INT is acceptable.

AGIlity increases:
Attack rate
Critical rate

STRength increases:
Power of basic attacks (X/Z) Z is Anti-air Shot!
Max HP

VITality increases:
Max HP
HP Regeneration

INTellect increases:
Max MP
MP Regeneration

While you see all of these are great to have, the most beneficial to you is Agility, although at lower levels STR is a great stat because you will be using Anti-air Shot to train with frequently, and increasing it's damage is always a plus.


This guide was created by Pyrofyr and is subject to Intellectual Property laws, posting of this without my express written consent will end with the guide being taken down from wherever it was posted and the user warned. All names and statistical information is Copyright Barunson 2008-2009. This guide is also posted on Dragonica IAHGames, I am the Pyrofyr, if you want verification, PM me on IAHGames.
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05-18-2009   #2 (permalink)
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I wish to note that Relaunch is a good skill to have while being an archer.
If a mob has fallen down, you can simply kick it back up, (since you don't have skills that hit down mob)

So i say grab it.
It's useless as a hunter.
05-22-2009   #3 (permalink)
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It's only good as a hunter if you're spamming AAS to level, I stop using AAS past lvl 10 to lvl, but if you find it useful you can get it.
09-01-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Toochie will become famous soon enough

Tyvm. ^_^
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Pickle sht.;D
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This guide is outdated with some changes they were going to make not going through, and is definitely outdated in regards to THQ*ICE.

The basic build is now:
5Rising ARrow
5Anti-air shot
1 Shootdown
5 Multishot
5 Bow Mastery
5 Rapid Step

With that said, all the information on damage output however is still 100% correct, feel free to keep using it.


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