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cheongzewei 05-11-2009 12:37 AM

A frank beginner's guide to archer. (moonwalkshot ftw.)
Hello there, I'm Bowpurity. Let's get started.


So planning on going to the archer class? Whether we just enjoy the fun-est of shooting arrows, or just having a longer range then mage (and more hp to boot) just be aware, then nothing comes easy.

And so that's why this guide is here! This is the absolutely newb friendly beginner's guide to the archer class, minus the hunter/ranger class, mainly because i haven't played both of them yet.

Starting off
First go to control panel>keyboard
Under the "SPEED" tab slide the character delay slider bars (both of em) to the maximum right. (aka short and fastest)


Also you get a skill reset when you job advance, so don't worry! Mess up the skills if you like.

Basic gameplay,aka, level 1~3 playing style
pressing x shoots a red colored small beam, which is dragonica's representation of an arrow.

You already have the skill Rising Arrow. the default hotkey for this skill is "A". when used, a small very very small delay then, you shoot an arrow at an enemy's feet. This is your launcher skill. sends mob into the air, then when they fall to the ground they end up being "knocked down".
Personally, i call this pop shot.
(it looks like you shoot the arrow at an enemy's feet no matter how far the enemy is from you, so it has a cool animation?)

grab and leave the following skills at lv 1 for now.

grab the skill anti air shot as fast as possible. This unlocks a new button. Pressing "Z" allows you to shoot once in the air, holding "Z" allows you to shoot many times
Personally, i call this Z arrow

grab the skill shootdown for fun and kicks. Using shootdown is mainly for fun or when you feel like not dashing away, or if you want to get combos. Sometimes, shootdown will launch monsters up a little, ending them in being "knocked down".

Grab the skill relaunch assign it to whatever button you want, it's ultra handy everywhere, anywhere, and is your best friend next to rising arrow and anti air shot... if your going hunter though, you can practically skip this, rangers need this more though.

So first off, you need to know that archers can't stun mobs, sure they can launch em in the air, but i don't call that stun. This means that YOU SUCK IN MOB CONTROL. See more then 10 enemy's after you? Run back and shoot, repeat until they die. Don't like it? well, train till your a hunter/ranger then. So don't be foolish and keep on shooting while the entire mob is walking towards you, Just RUN AWAY!!!

Next you'll note that rising arrow's "Mob affected" range is not really that big, often missing the 2nd mob near the first one, which will then walk up and attack you. What i suggest you do, and my favorite playing style, in this situations, is to Z arrow the first mob, until the 2nd mob comes near me, dash back a little, Pop arrow the 2nd mob, WAIT FOR IT TO FALL WITHOUT Z ARROWING IT, then use relaunch and z arrow both of the mobs.
Very handy, quite effective, a moralizing attack style, and it's nice to see your combo count increasing by 2.

Alright, now you got your basic skills, the next thing you need to note, is the 3 crucial archer skills for now, pop shot (get to lv 4/5) anti air shot (lv 5) multi arrow (lv 5)
details below


Let's list em out. and i'll give my personal advice for em.

Rising arrow
Very handy, it says that mobs will reach max height at lv 4, so get it to lv 4,
the only thing you gain at lv 5 is an extra mob to launch (which usually never happens) and extra damage.

short: GET LV 4!

Anti-Air Shot
rising arrow's big brother, Ultra handy, you'll use this a lot even at 2nd jobs. MAX IT.
why max it when you can only launch 4 monsters you ask? This is because dragonica's a PARTY BASED game, so your party mates can help launch monsters for you to attack, also giving you the cool ability to kill steal easily! Isn't that cool?
Just joking :P kill steal doesn't affect teammates, the exp is distributed evenly. You can KS everyone else though.

short: MAX

Needed to unlock multishot and relaunch, just get it.
It's a ok move... if you master it you can land all 3 arrows on the boss, or knock down mobs on the floor. Not so usefull IMO, but if you master it...............

short: just grab it -_-

AH here's where it gets very interesting! the mean sister to rising arrow, it allows you to pop "knocked down" mobs right back in the air! allowing big bro z arrow to be useful again while rising arrow cry.
at lv 1, You are able to relaunch 2 mobs
But at lv 5, you are able to relaunch 6 mobs. and like rising arrow, max height at lv 4.
soo... what to do.. what to do...... What i recommend is.. leaving it at lv 1, or getting it to lv 2.

Why? Because SP is very important is this game.... and you won't use relaunch a lot... because (like rising arrow) the range and "AOE" suck.... also, since your "relaunching" the mob is practically half dead, so you won't need a lot of height.


lv 1, 3 arrows
lv 2, 3 arrows
lv 3, 5 arrows
lv 4, 5 arrows
lv 5, 7 arrows of pure pawnage!

Grab this skill, max this skill! It's your only awesome damage dealing skill to bosses.
I dub this, the shotgun
Many people will say to not use this skill because it consumes SP, and it pales in comparison with 2nd job, but seriously... that's 2nd job! Your now playing a 1st job, and you want to enjoy playing as a 1st job! So grab this skill!


shorter range.... uses mp... has a long COOLDOWN?????
why did dragonica deside to copy maple.... and make it worst?
skill is worthless, pales in comparison to shotgun, and would only be cool if you can use it as often as your normal attacks.


Moonwalk + moonwalkshot
Never get moonwalk without it's accompanying skill, moonwalk shot.
Moonwalk shot has undergone some massive changes from previous dragonica builds.
Let me list out what it does now.
for 35 sp, you gain........................
While your doing moonwalk, use up 10 mp to shoot an arrow that hits 5 MOBS at 30% dmg +10.
With testing you'll find that you're able to shoot 2 arrows while moonwalking, if your fast.

So what does this mean? Why it means you no longer need to fear if your facing a group of 4 melee mobs and 2 range mobs, Just moonwalk shot all the melee mobs till they die, dash up to the range mob, pop it and kill it.

It also mean that moonwalkshot has become stronger, spammer, more dps-er skill then double shot if done properly.

It works spendidly on bosses, Run up, multishot, moonwalkshot twice (4 arrows) outta there, pop shot, run back in, multi shot.

I suggest..... getting it, it's suprisingly handy.
But for every gain, you need to lose... so what to sacrfice? Either sacrifice some extra damage (from bow mastery) or some extra speed (rapid step).

The buff passives.
bow mastery vs rapid step........
This is how bow mastery works now... let me give you the breif down.
bow master, 15sp per level, lv 1 =10 att, lv 2= 30, lv 3 =50, lv 4= 70 lv 5=90
Rapid step, 20 sp per level, adds 10 movement speed per level.
................ So take your pick, huge damage or huge speed.
Picking huge speed is handy as you can now add in a few hits in your combo count, + able to control your running in pvp and pve.
Damage is handy in being able to kill bosses easier, it is a lot in 1st job, but when you get to 2nd job, i don't recomand getting this.

Playing style lv 19
By now you should have been familiar with your archer, pop shooting, z arrowing mobs are second nature with the occasional relaunch or two for stronger upgraded mobs.
you never use other skills, except when you are fighting a boss, where you go upclose (real upclose) and personal, with your multishot, and jumping around like a rabbit either
A) using shoot down to hit boss
B) jump then dashing away from boss to use normal attacks
c) moonwalking shooting away
Your confident with your archer and you feel like you can solo farrel (with feathers + eternal hp pot) Congrats, your a master archer!

Conclusion, credits, what's next?
I love the archer class, i don't know why. I just feel that if i'm in a world with war without guns, i would pick up the bow and arrow instead of swords. Also the reason why i hate cabal.

Anyway, i wish to thank the makers of dragonica, IAHgames for hosting dragonica, MMOGames for encouraging me to type stuff out (because i'm normally to lazy to type guides out) and you for reading.

So now you have a choice...
hunter, the bow user, with wolf spirits, wood spike rain, acid arrow, the nuclear missile from god skill and the mighty chicken head
ranger, the crossbow user, With huge damage per second, grenades, bazookas, a machine gun and a tank summon, that attacks enemies near it and doesn't move.

Your pick, they are very similar, it's just a matter of personal preference. but..... this is my opinion alright?
choose hunter if you like pvp more then pve, or your just a nature person, who likes pheonixes and wolfs and the classic archer skills in other mmos.
choose ranger if you like pve more then pvp, or just a modern person, who likes guns tanks, grenades, RPGS, stuff like that.

Oh yea, before i forget, use your SP reset only at lv 30/25, Trust me, you'll regret if you use it sooner.

Good luck!

Aka cheongzewei

Teleclast 05-11-2009 01:33 AM

I disagree highly.

While getting Rising Strike and then AntiAir Shot is vital for starting off, you shouldn't get Shootdown until later, you should get Bow Mastery, and then focus on leveling those three, get Shootdown when you have spare points and then get Relaunch, only put 1 point in each (shootdown is pretty useless).

Once you get a chance past that get Double Strike, max it, get Multishot, max it.

Your main mission will be using Rising Strike->"Z arrow"(Anti Air shot)->Relaunch->"Z Arrow"

Bosses will be Rising Strike (Better damage than normal hits)->Multishot->DoubleStrike->Repeat

If you want you can get higher levels in the sucky skills like shootdown to start and then reset at lvl 19, but it's faster to lvl to 19 the way I pointed out.

You may consider Double Strike weak (which it is), but when you're at a boss anything to add some damage is useful, and until you're farther down and have more skills, you want to use this to your advantage. Alternatively you could get moonwalk hit but that's even worse.

cheongzewei 05-11-2009 03:53 AM

The main point of adding shootdown early on, is so that you can familiarize yourself with it (even if it's weak/near useless) and it's also so that you can unlock relaunch.

You SHOULD NOT add double strike, why the hell max it when even you admit it's weak? I don't even want to use it even if i have a sp reset because of the mana drain.

SP points are precious in this game, so keep the sp that your going to invest in doubleshot for your 2nd job skills.

And lastly, bow mastery's damage isn't that significant (+15 when max if i recall correctly, i'll check when my client finish downloading) and i feel that it's a waste of sp.

But anyway i can't proof telecast right or wrong in the "You level faster aspect" It is true that you Do more damage per second (bow mastery adds damage, an additional skill, adds damage, skill spam)
You won't be able to build your combo count as easily.

Anyway in CBT, your given a free skill reset for lv 1~19, It is not confirmed if it will be carried over to OBT.
Do not add double shot IF you do not have a skill reset. else, feel free to experiment for yourself.

Why do we even have moonwalk anyway? you still can be whacked to death in pvp when your using it.
moonwalk+moonwalk shot= near useless.

Gladiat 05-11-2009 05:36 AM

Um... lets see here...

Bow mastery is 15 SP per point, and at maxed is +70 damage. (If it was +15 damage, hell, no one would get it)

Moonwalk/shot is useless. Dash back and turn is already faster, and you can simply shoot after that.

2nd job advance gives you skills that can hit off ground (Hunter's Rocket Launcher, Ice Wolf), so Relaunch is pretty much useless. Not to mention the fact that Bleed and Acid Arrow can also hit targets on the ground.

I would get all the passives for 1st job archer.

cheongzewei 05-11-2009 06:27 AM

thanks for input.

i never tried using bleed/acid arrow on downed mobs, you sure? thanks for heads up.

I might not grab bow mastery, i like to see my combos.

just checked, bow mastery adds a whooping 90 dmg when maxed.

Gladiat 05-11-2009 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by cheongzewei (Post 827278)
thanks for input.

i never tried using bleed/acid arrow on downed mobs, you sure? thanks for heads up.

I might not grab bow mastery, i like to see my combos.

just checked, bow mastery adds a whooping 90 dmg when maxed.

Oops >< Bad math. 10 x 1 + 20 x 4 = 90 not 70 ><

And Bleed / Acid Arrow level 3+ hits downed mobs.

Hunter's more of an AoE person, so my views are from a Hunter's perspective `-` seeing as I play a Hunter.

Oh, and a high level Acid Arrow is what I recommend for hunters. Bow mastery is 90, and if you add the % defense reduction on enemies from Acid Arrow, it helps with the increase in damage from skills and masteries.

Teleclast 05-11-2009 03:58 PM

At max Bow Mastery adds +90 Attack, and it's significant.

Double Strike 'can' be left at lvl 1 if you want, however at the moment I didn't have anything else and it was the most worthwhile of what was left pointwise...

I'm changing around my build now, since I do use Double Strike but now I have skills that can take it's place, I'm going to try a build without it and using Rising Strike in place of it when I need that 'extra attack', if it goes well I'll post the results here.

Zeke 05-11-2009 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by cheongzewei (Post 827098)
Starting off
First go to control panel>keyboard
Under the "SPEED" tab slide the character delay slider bars (both of em) to the maximum right. (aka short and fastest)


I have a serious question, what does this do to help archers? Can you explain this a bit more?

Teleclast 05-11-2009 05:28 PM

It increases the speed that AntiAir Shot shoots at, it's not really necessary and will probably annoy you in everything else you do :O! (chatting, etc)

I tried a new skill build, it's working FLAWLESSLY, but again because I'm a Hunter so I have some more skills that make it worthwhile, basically I re-skilled to the following (lvl 25):

Rising Arrow 4
Anti-air Shot 5
Shootdown 1
Multishot 5
Bow Mastery 5

Advanced Bow Mastery 2
Bleed 1
Acid Arrow 1
Arrow Shower 2
Bird Watching 2
Hallucination 1
Mesmerize 1

It's a great skillbuild, I don't use Shootdown at all, and relaunch was useless for me so I canned it.

Basically I Arrow Shower a mob, Multishot to kill the first few and Rising Arrow->AAS the rest. If there are razor crabs I Acid Arrow & Bleed them. Although that's obviously after your a Hunter and past the scope of this tutorial.

Even with Arrow Shower however, this skill build works okay for a lvl 20 build.

cheongzewei 05-12-2009 06:02 AM

may i ask.... why use hallunication (unless you pvp)

Teleclast 05-12-2009 11:30 AM

Taking less damage on MissionMaps is critical, matter of fact getting hit LESS times is, as it counts against your Rank if you get hit.

Mesmerize is where it really gets good though because while those mobs are attacking you, having a chance to have that damage head right back to them (and you take no damage) is good stuff.

If you'll always have a tank to lvl with, don't bother.

cheongzewei 05-14-2009 11:38 PM

Added new details on moonwalk shot.
How could i miss it?
have tested incorporating moonwalk shot into my playing style and i like it. a lot.

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