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Sidero 05-27-2011 04:53 AM

Sakura Festival May 26th-June 23rd

In a quiet town filled with Cherry Blossoms, lies a sushi restaurant boasting its 100 years of service. This restaurant, owned by a woman named Haruka, is known throughout the Port of Winds for serving the best green tea with cherry blossom leaves. This year however something was different, a few days into the Cherry Blossom festival, a Chef Han Ro appeared, and threatened Haruka to give up her family secret cherry blossom tea. Haruka refused and struggled with the man but to no avail. The man quickly overpowered her and she was forcibly removed from her restaurant.

From May 26th- June 23rd,Haruka will be waiting in Port of Winds for any Fellowship member brave enough to aid her. During this Sakura Event festival players will be able to access a new field map, 8 new mission maps, a boss room, and an all new Defense mode to face the Mysterious Chef Han Ro.

The BigWheel and Mixboard will also be getting and update with some great Traditional Japanese attire!

Start your adventure in Port of Winds, Haruka awaits.

Begins: 5/26/2011
Ends: 6/23/2011

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