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Default [SG] PVP Tournament Season 6: Battle of the Sakura Warriors!

Registration Time: 1100hrs (GMT +8)
Venue: Virtualand (NEX, Serangoon Singapore)

Join us on May 28 (Saturday) for another day of fun and excitement at Virtualand NEX, Serangoon Singapore. Challenge your friends/guildmates in PVP tournament and get a chance to be our representative for the upcoming PVP Tournament in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia during June!

Sign up for PvP Tournament Season 6: Battle of the Sakura Warriors via our online form HERE and join us on 28 May 2011 to purchase our special *Registration Goodie Bag worth S$10!

Registration Period is until May 26, 2011 (Thursday) 2359hrs GMT +8

*Registration Goodie Bag

There will be a S$10 Registration Fee for all potential PvP Tournament Participants.

All Registrants will receive a Registration Goodie Bag worth S$10 consisting of the following items:
- 20 x Artifact Enchanting Rune Stones
- 20 x Artifact SoulCraft Rune Stones
- x5 Pet Option Randomizer
- 3x Craft Lottery

How to Claim the Goodie Bag:

• Just present your receipt and IAH staffs will provide you the goodie bag.
• You can claim it after the PVP Tournament at around 5pm.

Note: The Dragonica Goodie Bag is a separate, stand-alone exclusive event promotion and the amount spent cannot be accummulated to qualify for other IAH promotions.

- All coupon codes (Goodie Bag & Tournament Prizes) will be expired on June 30, 2011. - All coupon codes are not subjected for re-sale. Anyone caught re-selling of codes will be permanently suspended.

Dragonica Online (4v4) Tournament Mechanics

• Competition Method: 4 vs. 4
• The tournament shall consist of a single elimination bracket.
• All team members will use 1 unique character’s job. There will be no repeated character’s job in the same team (Example: 2 or more Trappers in the team)
• A random draw will be conducted to determine the bracket placements of each time. (This subject is round robin competition for regional tournament, depends on how many country)
• The team that wins 5 rounds out of a round of 9 in a match is victorious and the opposing team is knocked out of the tournament.

Game Setting

• Max Rounds: 9
• Round time: 3 minutes
• Total of 9 round. Best of 5 round wins
• Using of item option will be disabled on the match settings
• All PVP event map used will be “Labyrinth of Mystery” with 3 minutes time per round in a elimination type match.


• A disconnection is defined by a connection loss between match players due to System, Network, PC, and/or Power problems/issues.
• Intentional Disconnection: Upon judgment by the referee, any offending player will be charged with a loss by forfeit .
• When any disconnection occurs:

1) If disconnection occurs before end of the 3rd round of any half: match restart
2) If disconnection occurs after end of the 3rd round of any half:
- If both teams agree to a match restart, the match will be restarted.
- If the teams cannot reach an agreement, the game will be halted until the disconnected player returns however the game will resume with the current score.

General News and Regulations

• DragonicaSEA game policy on general player’s conduct applies. All users participating in this event Must Agree and understand the rules, regulation of the event and the game policy before participating. IAHGamesreserves the right to change or edit event mechanism at any point of time without prior notice. Reference link to game policy

• No external device(s) were to be used on the match event All participants will be using the PC (Mouse/Keyboards etc) provided as it is. All participants are responsible to check and ensure that the PCs/keyboard/mouse are working before the match starts.

• “Cheating” or using 3rd party programs such as game hacks and other hacking in any other form or methods which includes but not limited to glitch/exploits or cheating in any form, as determined by the referee sole discretion, shall result in disqualification of the Team and all of its Team Members

• No taunting, vulgarities, insults or defamatory words are to be used throughout the match. Anyone displaying such unbecoming behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a disqualification. These rules shall apply in-game as well.

• In the event of any disconnection, the winner(s) will be determined by the highest number of kills.

• Please assemble at least 15 minutes before your matches. Latecomers for their matches will be disqualified and their opponents given a walkover (if applicable). The referee will take note of the time and finalized the results should the situation arises. The decision will be final.

• Participants who are caught helping other teams to play for any reason will be disqualified as an individual and team.

• IAHGames is not responsible for any network or service issues caused by PC hardware or Internet Service Provider (ISP) failure.

• This event is organized by Dragonica Team - IAHGames. All decisions made by the officials are final. Rules and regulations are subject to changes by the organizer at any time without prior notice.

• Character/event accounts will be provided as it is, there will not be any additional items/weapons/equipments given. All participants are reminded to use only the account provided, no sharing/exchanging of accounts allowed after the event starts.

• NO usage of medals during the PVP event.


1st Prize: Each team member will receive the following:

• $50 for each member. Total of $200
• 40x Artifact Refining Rune Stones
• 40x Artifact Soulcrafting Rune Stones
• 5x Pet Name Changer
• 10x Pet Option Randomizer
• PVP Season 6 Medal
• 30Days Lucifer Full Set Outfit

2nd Prize: Each team member will receive the following:

• $30 for each member. Total of $120
• 20x Artifact Refining Rune Stones
• 20x Artifact Soulcrafting Rune Stones
• 2x Pet Name Changer
• 5x Pet Option Randomizer
• PVP Season 6 1st Place Medal

3rd prize: Each team member will receive the following:

• 10x Artifact Refining Rune Stones
• 10x Artifact Soulcrafting Rune Stones
• 2x Pet Name Changer
• 5x Pet Option Randomizer

That's not all.. We will be having some Lucky Draw during the event so mark this day to your calendar, gather all your friends and guildmates for another big event of Dragonicans!

See you there!
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