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Sidero 05-20-2011 02:36 AM

Newb Guide Contest
Veterans of Dragon Saga, we want your sage advice to share with all the heroes of Dragon Saga. Between May 12th- May 30th we want you to create guides to offering advice and tips to new players, or those looking for a fresh start.

To Enter:

<*>Create a guide in a new thread in this section(Newb Guide Contest).) of the forums.
<*>Guides submitted must fall under one of the following Categories and be labeled in Topic Description:
<*>General Guide (Gold Making, Enchanting Tips & Tricks etc)
<*>Warrior Guide
<*>Magician Guide
<*>Archer Guide
<*>Thief Guide
<*>1 guide will be chosen for each category with a total of 5 winners.
<*>Guides will be voted on by the WarpPortal Team based on
<*>Thoroughness (How detailed is your guide?)
<*>Presentation/Creativity (Did you include screenshots? did you include any special formatting in your guide etc)
<*>The top 5 will be voted on by the community to pick the "Best Overall Guide"
<*>Finalist -
<*>1 Enchant Level added to any item(Item must be able to be enchanted ingame)
<*>20 Fried Bat Wing Agi+5 for 300s
<*>20 Shark Stew Max HP +200 STR+5 for 180s
<*>20 Icecream Cake HP/MP by 1040
<*>20 Special Blue Crab Soup STR INT AGI HLT +3 for 90s
<*> 20 Steamed Starfish MVSPD by 20% for 120s<*>
Grand Prize-

<*>Finalist prizes +
<*>Custom Forum Title : Guide Guru
<*>1 Option Change to any one item you own, to option of your choice.
<*>Within the limits of the item ingame
<*>Winner will be provided with choices for their specific item.
<*>Item must be soulcrafted beyond regular to qualify.

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