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Sidero 05-19-2011 04:29 AM

[Shop] Cherry Blossoms for all!
Dear Dragonicans,

Today we begin the much anticipated Cherry Blossom Event! Check out the patch notes for all the great details regarding the Cherry Blossom Event. We have an amazing new item for all those Special outfits gathering dust in your vaults, Costume Soulbound Remover! Buy them while you can! Also, we've brought back a favourite for everyone, the Lucky Dip Runestones. To top it all off, we have a great login event currently on our servers. Each player that logs in during the Cherry Blossom Event, will receive a Lucky Dip. These lucky dips contain some great items, including the new Kimono sets! Read our news post here for all the information.

Updates - Functional

Costume SoulBound remover
- Remove 'soulbound' status from [Special] costume item.

Updates - Lucky Dips
Lucky Dip - Runestones
Try our Lucky Dip box! Test your luck and try to get an exclusive Rune Stone or a lot of useful items! Items that can be won include:
- Artifact Enchant Rune Stone
- Advanced Enchant Rune Stone
- Superior Enchant Rune Stone
- EXP Potion x 1.5 (1 hour)"

Click Here to "Top Up" your account with gPotato!

Don't forget, there are also 3 ways to get free gPotatos! Try one of them today:

Invite a friend

Check out the Dragonica shop functional item list for more information.

Accessing the Dragonica shop is as simple as clicking on the Shop button on the bottom right, while in-game. There you can browse all the amazing items on sale, try on any of the wearable items that catch your attention and find a link to Top Up your current supply of gPotato. All from the safety of your Dragonica client.

Kind Regards,
Your Dragonica Team

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