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Sidero 05-16-2011 05:39 AM

[Shop] Friday 13th need not be unlucky for everyone!
Dear Dragonicans,

Friday 13th is upon us again! To make sure this day is lucky for all, we have some special bundles, a sale and an event for everyone! Why not enjoy your weekend by levelling that Alt you've been avoiding? 20% sale on all items in the Recovery and Levelling category this weekend!. Last but not least, we have an amazing Gold Drop event for everyone today, 150% Gold Drop event running from 4pm GMT to 12am GMT. Also don't forget that you can get some amazing prize packages by entering our login-to-win event that's happening right now, check out our Dragonica Events and Updates Forum! for all the info, also get an extra 3 EXP potions for logging in for a minimum of 1 hour between 00:01 and 23:59 GMT this Saturday the 14th.

20% Sale on Recovery and Levelling Category: Friday 4pm to Sunday 4pm GMT

Updates - Bundles

Rich merchant Box

Dream of wealth and glory? Well now is the time to get that dream started!
- 15x Merchant Certificate +10
- 5x Premium Shop License
- 10x Travelling Market
- 50x Medium Gold Pouch FREE

Soulcrafting Pouch
Are your weapon options not quite what you wanted? This bundle will help with that!
- 10x Soulcraft Randomizer
- 30x Regular Insurance Scroll
- 999x Soul FREE
- 1x Special Soul Craft Stone FREE
- 1x Artifact Soul Craft Stone FREE

Click Here to "Top Up" your account with gPotato!

Don't forget, there are also 3 ways to get free gPotatos! Try one of them today:

Invite a friend

Check out the Dragonica shop functional item list for more information.

Accessing the Dragonica shop is as simple as clicking on the Shop button on the bottom right, while in-game. There you can browse all the amazing items on sale, try on any of the wearable items that catch your attention and find a link to Top Up your current supply of gPotato. All from the safety of your Dragonica client.

Kind Regards,
Your Dragonica Team

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